Happy Mothers Day and Shameless Photo Montage

I am truly blessed to have both an incredible and amazing mother, and an awesome and wonderful mother in law.  Mom and Marie, I thank God for you every day!  Happy Mothers Day!
To all my female friends and family: those who are mothers, those who hope to be mothers, and those who find their passion in other forms of their “feminine genius,”  Happy Mothers Day to you, too.


  1. Those photos are gorgeous!! Where were they taken? The background is the only one pretty enough to do justice to your beautiful family.

  2. AAAAHHHHHH! Gianna is almost up to your SHOULDER! I can’t believe how much these gorgeous children have grown in less than a year!!! I can’t wait to see you all in just over a month! BTW, Daniel was lamenting a few days ago that he couldn’t invite Gianna and Aliya to his birthday party this year. =(

    • Nicole, super duper excited to see you too. And yes, Gianna has shot up like a weed. I can’t believe it. Hugs to both the birthday boys.