Happy Birthday, Sweet G!

Today my oldest baby turned 9.  Incredible.  Cliched, but true: how the time flies.

Here’s her birth story: A C-Section Birth

Here’s a fun blast from the past: Gianna’s 7th birthday in South Korea, with fun photos of our trip to E-World, the Korean amusement park.

Today we took the day off of formal schooling.  The girls began a sewing class (which they loved), and they had their regular art lesson.  Then we went to the park where a super generous (and prepared!) friend brought out her birthday bag and decorated a little table and served ice cream to us.




And because one serving of ice cream isn’t nearly enough for one day, she chose ice cream sundaes for dessert instead of cake.


Sundae toppings, per request.  Let’s just pretend this is all organic and made without food dyes, okay?


No matter how big she seems, she’s still pretty darn excited about a doll. 🙂


I don’t think I could love those dimples more.


Awful lighting, but this is how we do it. Custom signs for the birthday kid.


Happy birthday to my love.


  1. Happy birthday to your Gianna! So sweet.
    Elise recently posted…Little Mikey’s {yum}My Profile

  2. Hi!
    Gianna! Happy Birthday! So lovely~~^^
    We really miss you! Cindy and Diana miss you!
    Always they asked, Mom! When can we meet Darr famil? & How can we go to USA?
    Cindy and Dianna passed their birthday(11th,7th) last month. Thesedays they remind Camp walker Halloween festival with you.anyway take care and be happy everyday!!

    Micaela! How about your health? and I’m so wondering how your 5th baby now.
    Although we don’t enjoy with you now, we love you.^^
    Always we see your kids picture on Cindy’s desk.^^
    Take care and say hello to Kevin^^

  3. Micaela, your Gianna is beautiful! Her smile is radiant and I love how you capture how lovely she is in your photos! Happy birthday to your sweet girl! 🙂
    Amanda recently posted…A Fall Yarn Wreath and a Yummy RecipeMy Profile

  4. Hi~Cindy wants to skype. When are you free?