Ezekiel, aka "Tank"

Ezekiel is almost 5 months old.  I can’t believe this.  Time always flies with a newborn, but life has been so crazy and busy since his birth that it makes this flight of time that much more incredible. 

He is a generally happy and smiley baby.  Of course, as all my children have, he prefers to be held most of the time and always wants to be part of the action.  My children get this from me.  I have had a bad case of the FOMS (Fear Of Missing Something) for as long as I can remember.  Apparently it is a genetic trait.

As a result of being in the Ergo wherever we go, he doesn’t get in many pictures.  He’s usually behind the camera with me!  Thanks to my beloved sister-in-law, I get to share a few pics of him in Korea.

He may have my coloring, but he has Kevin’s charm all the way.

Zeke doesn’t eat solid food yet, but here in this video he is trying to convince me that he’s ready. 
“Come on, Mom!  Can’t you see I’m wasting away?!”

Zeke’s a pretty strong kiddo, too.  Here you see him holding a basket.  He was playing with the handle (er, possibly trying to get at the food inside) and when I stood up holding him, he brought the basket with us.
He doesn’t, um, look that smart (?) in this next picture.  What with the glazed expression and the drool and all.  But you can see his blue eyes and see that he is sort of sitting up on his own.  With me nearby, of course. 

Here he is with his gorgeous cousin Gemma.  He is 2 months younger, but quite a bit bigger than she is.  Thus, his nickname.

Finally, our good friends just got him his own Warriors jersey.  No more words necessary.


  1. We miss you guys. Zeke’s a monster! You’ve got a linebacker in the making. Glad to see things are working out for you guys and we’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Love- Danny, Trea, and Dom