Autumn has arrived to Daegu.  The trees are finally in all their glory.  This is a funny topic (to me, perhaps not to you) because for weeks and weeks I scanned the trees for some small sign , any sign really, that the leaves might change color and fall.  I had been assured that yes, the plentiful trees here do lose their leaves, but as October wore on, I became increasingly doubtful.

After all, I come from Southern California.  Autumn there is lovely, in its wear-a-light-sweatshirt-and capris-to-the-beach sort of way.  But I haven’t ever truly been able to appreciate all those charming school leaf crafts, much less empathize with the poor frozen, and then consequently rescued and grateful, settlers at Thanksgiving.

Kevin has enjoyed teasing me about all this.  First of all, he is insistent that Pasadena does have trees that lose their leaves and I’m just blocking it all out.  But more so because I have been willing autumn to arrive, and he keeps reminding me of what follows (cue the suspenseful music)… winter. But for now, we are enjoying gorgeous windy days with blue skies and leaves in every shade of… well, autumn.

I have been totally pumped to share my first true autumn with my children.  It may be silly, but I refuse to apologize. 

Enjoy.  I am.

(P.S. I’m no photographer and my camera barely functions, but you get the idea.)


  1. I agree. True fall is breathtaking. When I lived in Mississippi, there were times that I wondered if the benefits of a mild winter really outweighed the loss of autumn.

    And that ground-level shot of the leaves with the trees in the background is awesome!