Are You Ready for Some Football?

For the first time since Fall of 1993, I can honestly say that the majority of my social life takes place at high school football games.  (Go, Sierra Chieftains!)

One month ago, we moved to a country where we knew only three people, and one of those people is 6 months old.  Not having many friends clears a lot of our calendar.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  The people we have met here are beyond gracious and have made us feel wonderfully welcome.  But gone are playgroups, park days, and moms’ clubs.  Gone are the beloved grandparents who would spell us every few weeks and the lifelong friends who would force us to go out or at least come on over for a family BBQ.

Babysitting, you ask?
We have a bunch of kids: four, to be exact.  So that cuts out most paid babysitters, at least the ones we can afford.  Two of those kids are still nursing, so that cuts out the rest of the babysitters.  So far my Google search for, “Wet nurse babysitters of four kids under the age of 6 in Daegu, South Korea” has “yielded 0 results”.  Go, figure.

The only people who we trust to watch our kids so far are the actual people we want to go out with!  (Read: they are family and thereby obligated to like our kids and socialize with us.)  Bye, bye dancing, drinks, fancy dinners.  Adios to pretty much anything else that requires dressing up.  Heck, anyongi gaseyo to any event that requires clothes without spit up on the shoulder.

What are we left with?  Events the whole family enjoys.  Walks in the park or on the river, hours (and hours and hours and hours) at the playgrounds, and Warrior Football! I jest, but it really is fun for the whole family.  I watch the game and chat with my awesome sister-in-law and other new friends and acquaintances.  Kevin watches more of the game while he chats up his new friends and co-workers and chases after Gabe.  Gianna makes new friends (wherever she goes) and tries to learn the cheers from the ever-enthralling cheerleaders.  Aliya is content to hang out with either Kevin or I, taking laps around the track for fun.  And Zeke, snug as a bug in a baby carrier, chills as I nonstop bounce him in the Ergo.

Sad?  Nah.  It’s a family affair!  Besides, my brother is the defensive coordinator.  (Read: he’s family and we’re thereby obligated to root for his team).  Kidding!  Sheesh!  Calm down, Coach.

Way to go, Warriors!

Gianna with green, white, and black Warrior face paint.