There’s just something magical about summer vacation, isn’t there?  Bedtimes are delayed, routines are disrupted, bathing is mostly done in giant chlorinated tubs outside, and school is definitely out for summer but… somehow it’s all okay.

We may not have lightning bugs in California, but we have other types of summer magic.   Hugs that feel like sun-kissed skin, and smell like salt water and sunshine and strawberries.  The loamy smell of wet grass after a water fight.  Free concerts in the park, and farmers markets packed with people and bursting with produce.  Carrying sleeping babies from their carseats to their beds before collapsing onto the couch in exhaustion.  Blissfully cool evenings followed by blistering hot days.  Rinse and repeat daily until the air turns brisk.


Even though our summer lacks routine… there is rhythm.  A bigger one, a seasonal one, that brings me back to my own childhood.  I want to give that special time to my little ones.  I want them to have the visceral memories that permeate summer the same way I do. Whenever I start to feel a little guilty for not strictly enforcing daily reading times or not practicing math facts, I tell myself that people who unschool do this type of thing all year long!  And it makes me feel a bit better.


A major part of the reason we began homeschooling  was to seize the opportunities around us.  To go see that exhibit or explore that national park.  But it turns out I’m terrible at seizing opportunities.  I get all hung up on routines and schedules and checking this box off of that list so that my kids aren’t those homeschooled kids.  You know, the ones that get dumped into school 2 grade levels behind because their mom just. can’t. handle. them anymore.  As a former teacher, that would sting my pride just a tad too much.

But I need to cut myself some slack.  I don’t get to every every art or music lesson, and I’m awful at scheduling crafts, but we do the basics, and the rest… well the rest is a part of our life, isn’t it?



So, yes, summer is important for me too.  It readjusts me, resetting my compass back to true North, if you will.  Even though I sat down tonight fully prepared to share with you my plans for school this fall, I’ve decided to just write this instead.  Or rather, it wrote itself.  I was out on the loamy-smelling lawn, busy enjoying the blissfully cool evening after a blistering hot day.

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  1. Having lived most of my life in a 4 season environment it is now I think part of my DNA ~ I NEED each season , each in their own time, experienced to the fullest.
    Joy recently posted…Quick Takes # 139, Work’n the Tired NeuronsMy Profile

    • Joy, as happy as I will be to not have to deal with cold weather bundling up this winter, I do think the seasons brought additional graces upon us. And Autumn… oh, bless me, I’m going to miss autumn in Korea.

  2. What beautiful pictures–this would have been a great Theme Thursday Water post! Thanks for the reminder to slow down…
    Catherine recently posted…First HaircutMy Profile

  3. This was such a great post..and reminded me about all the things I love about summer. I admit…I can be a bit of a summer scrooge. I miss our regular routines, I don’t like the heat, and I don’t like not having the regular rhythm of activities.

    But, I do love the hot days and cool evenings and extra time outdoors.

    We just moved after spending 3 years in FL, and I think I need the 4 seasons too. I think part my problem is that we are having summer, without ever having winter, and really you need to have winter to really appreciate the summer.

    Those water pictures are great!
    Amelia recently posted…7QTF…The Seven Standards of Ecological BreastfeedingMy Profile

  4. Okay, living this right now. Out in the middle of nowhere and absolutely NO schedules, food, sleep, anything, I love your post and I am also longing to get back to normal.

    AND!!!!!!! I missed your giveaway! DO OVER!
    Rebekah Es recently posted…Well That Was Fun and Theme Thursday: AskewMy Profile