So I have this crazy idea…

I have this crazy idea.  I’ve been thinking it for a couple months now, and I think now might be the moment to reveal to y’all how nuts I actually am.

First, le back story:

Around Thanksgiving my aunt/godmother, who is also a retired kindergarten teacher, sent me a small manila envelope.  In it were the instructions and all the supplies for some Native American/Pilgrim/Turkey popsicle stick puppets.  I brought it on our Thanksgiving weekend trip and the kids had a blast making them.

And because I am a bad mom, I didn’t take one single picture.  So just use your imagination, okie dokie?

Oh!  Here’s a photo of a craft that another mom prepared for my kids.

Royal Egyptian collars

Around that same time, I participated in a Jesse Tree ornament swap.  I made 35 St. Joseph ornaments (pictured in this post), mailed them off and a couple weeks later received a whole collection of ornaments.

It. Was. Awesome.  And it got me thinking.  What if there are other moms like me?  Moms who like their kids to make crafts but don’t have the energy or time to plan for a regular craft.  Moms who wish there was a mail order service that would deliver ready-to-make crafts that would both satisfy their own need for ease and their kids’ deepest crafting desires.  Moms who have good intentions but generally fail miserably in crafting.

Next, The Crazy:

What if I were that mail-order service?  Or at the very least, the coordinator?

Note: crafts need not be complicated.  P.S. I still haven't finished this craft.

Note: crafts need not be complicated. P.S. I still haven’t finished this craft.

So I put the question to you, dear readers and friends of readers: Would you love something like this?  Would you be willing to prep 10-12 sets of a single craft and mail them to me, and in return (plus a small shipping fee), receive a box of crafts, approximately one per month?

If there’s enough interest, I would be willing to coordinate this.  If there’s an outpouring of support, I could even do a variety of ages: Pre-K-1st, 2nd-5th, 6th-8th, etc.  If there’s a tidal wave, I’m gonna retire on this business and move to the Bahamas.

I jest.

But really, are you interested in this?  Please comment or email me if you are.  Do you know anyone else who might be?  Please share this post with them if you do.    Do you think I need psychiatric assistance?  Feel free to leave advice.

Edited to add: Let me know what ages your kids are so I can see which groups will work.  Thanks!

That’s it, folks.  The ball is in your court now.


  1. Add a toddler category and I’m in! Otherwise I’ll join in when my dude is 4.

  2. I’m in!!
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  3. I’m interested, too- my toddler loves crafts! This is a good idea, Micaela. My mom sends lots of little sticker or gluing or cutting projects and my toddler loves to get the mail and do the crafts.

  4. Ali amedina says:

    I would totally do this! A friend of mine from work did this with her church group every week. We don’t do enough crafts at home bc I’m so busy all week & then exhausted on the weekend! This would make it so easy for me to just pull out and do without much effort.

  5. There are services out there where you can pay cash money dollars and receive ready-to-go crafts in the mail, but I love your family-to-family idea a lot more!!!

    I would consider joining in, but as I have all boys, my only “requirement” woukd be to make sure the crafts are (mostly) gender-neutral.

  6. I love this idea. It’s so fun to get anything in the mail, this would be even more fun! I have one in each age category: preK, 3rd, 7th.
    the only time we do crafts lately is to practice what I’m preparing for my first Communion Ccd class. Kinda feel like the kids get left out of creativity.

  7. Like many of those that have already commented here, my oldest is 3…but if you’d be willing to create a younger group, I’d be happy to join too. Very cool idea!

  8. What about busy bags for 4 and under???
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    • What a fantastic idea! I’ll look into them and see what I find. But I would love to have something for my busy little guys. 😀

  9. I’d be interested if you have enough to do a toddler group. My daughter is 2.
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  10. I’d be interested as well if you have enough sign up for a toddler group – mine is 2.5. I know crafts can be tough at that age though. Great idea btw!

  11. I think I might be interested, but I’m not sure if for all my kids. Also, if I want to receive 4 kits, for example, does that mean that I make 4 time the number specified? Everybody always says they want to do every craft, but sometimes we just end up with several partially finished ones. Maybe we can talk details in person.

    • Abby, it will depend on how many people sign up. If there are 20 people interested in a school-age craft, each participant will submit materials for 20 kids for a single craft. I will parcel them with the other crafts according to family size and mail them out.

      An example: 6 families with a total of 20 kids between them want to participate: you would prepare 1 craft for 20 kids, and then give them to me. Then I would prepare a package for you that includes 6 different crafts with enough materials for your family to complete each one. Does that make sense?

  12. Love Love love! I would be in for preschool and toddler group. Brilliant. 🙂