Back-to-Homeschool: Gearing Up for a New Year

A Bad Case of the “Mehs”:

It’s August.  Kevin went back to work today.  Cue: rampant misbehavior and buckets of tears.  On the upside, the kids seem to be handling it okay.

So here we are, gearing up for a new school year, and I’m feeling a bit… blah about the whole thing.  I’m in a sort of limbo state, where I’m waiting to hear if we were accepted into a homeschool charter school or not.  I haven’t bought any materials or signed up for any lessons yet because I want to see what they will purchase for us, if we do get in.  And the plethora of materials I already own are in boxes.  Lots of boxes that are just begging for an expert organization specialist to show up, design a closet system and free them from their cardboard prisons.

So, yes.  Blaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. Meeeeeehhhhh.

I think all this is negatively affecting what’s usually an exciting time of year for the kids and me.  But you hadn’t guessed that, right?  Cause this post is so cheery and chipper?

Let’s try this again:

School is starting again soon! I’m preparing a few posts on homeschooling which will be sure to knock your socks off (and get my apathetic rear in gear, too).  These are what I have in mind:

Philosophy: The big questions of why we do what we do, answered!

Curriculum: The nitty gritty details of what we use for each subject.

Organization and Scheduling: How we keep track of it all.

Community and Connection: What we’re doing outside of the home that supports our homeschool efforts.

A Few of My Favorite Things: A list of the things I’m most excited about for the year.

I’m really challenging myself here, as well as putting myself out on a limb.  Acting excited when I’m not is… difficult.  But I’m working on being intentionally joyful, so this is both a good exercise for homeschooling as well as developing a healthy life skill.

Now I have a question for you: are you interested in contributing to any of these themes? As in, a link-up?

I feel like the link-up market is fairly saturated these days, but I always love a good homeschool link-up, so I’m putting it out there.  If there’s anyone who thinks they’d like to participate in any/all of the topics above, I’ll open it up.  Just let me know via email or comment.

If you’re one of my blogging readers who doesn’t homeschool, I’d love for you to contribute as well.  What do you do in your home in an effort to educate your children?  I’m also going to work really hard to make these “extra posts” so that you don’t get too bored of me.  So, the usual stuff with an extra post or two per week.  Thanks to my 7 Posts in 7 Days challenge from a couple weeks ago, I’m pretty confident I can make it work.  [Fingers crossed.]

And finally, ’cause I just can’t run a series without a graphic:

Homeschool Dreams


Catch y’all tomorrow?


  1. Always interested. We are public school here….salt and light and all that….but always happy to learn and glean and and ALL tips from everyone and anyone else who has a better, faster, more organized idea…or just different ideas! Happy writing, Mrs. Overachiever 😉 Hey, if you don’t set that bar high…’s too easy, right?
    TracyE recently posted…Buh bye Facebook. For now anyway…My Profile

  2. I’m interested in a link-up…especially for philosophy, curriculum and organization. I always love a good link-up and the motivation it gives me to write about a specific topic. I’ve been meaning to write/post more about homeschooling on my blog and a link up would be the perfect motivation for me to do so. And, I’m looking forward to reading your post…especially the philosophy one tomorrow (no pressure. :)). I always feel that writing about homeschooling philosophy / the WHY we homeschool is very tricky as I don’t want to give the idea that i think we are “better” than those who don’t homeschool. So, i”m looking forward to reading what you write tomorrow and if you make it a link-up, I promise I’ll play along and write my philosophy post as well.
    Amelia recently posted…Happy Birthday Ben!My Profile

  3. I homeschooled for 9 years, various kids, sometimes all of them. Right now, not at all, but I feel like we still have a homeschool mindset as a home. I am in the middle of the destroy your child’s imagination book, that you recommended. Thinking about how to incorporate those ideas into a child’s life when they are in a brick and mortar school.
    Rebekah Es recently posted…Theme Thursday: KnotsMy Profile

  4. I’d be interested in a homeschooling link-up…though we are still in vacation mode so I hope you’ll keep it open for a bit! I want to get a 3 Reasons post up too!
    Catherine recently posted…What do you doMy Profile

  5. I think I’d be interested! We just started lessons up again and I’m forcing myself to be motivated. I find the scheduling the hardest to do and the philosophy the hardest to write about!
    Mary @ Better Than Eden recently posted…The (Nine Years Late) John Paul Birth StoryMy Profile

  6. Nothing like a “Back to the Park Potluck” to help us all get excited about the new year. I’m starting a bit earlier this year so I can let the kids ramp up slowly, and not stress if we need some down days during the year.

    I also sat down and looked through all we accomplished last year to help remind me that while all didn’t go to plan (never does), that we had a great year, and the kids learned alot. I just ordered the last of the books last night (I hope).