7 Quick Takes: Happy Blog-iversary!

I’ve never done one of these Quick Takes.  I read them like crazy at all my favorite blogs, but I haven’t really wanted to try it myself.  Until today, when I have so stinking much to tell you people that either I write 7 separate blog entries (yikes on bikes) or I try this Quick Takes business out.

Here goes nada…


Happy Blog-iversary to us!  It has been a year and 2 weeks, give or take, since moving to Korea.  

A couple flashbacks for y’all:

A year ago this week I wrote Hotel Life, which has always been one of my most popular posts.  I just went back and re-read it.  Laughed, and then shuddered.  Hoping never to re-live that two weeks.  Ever again.
I can’t believe we didn’t used to like spicy food!  OK, so Kevin always liked it,  the kids still don’t like it all that much, and I’ve only improved a little, but still… nothing like this awkward eating adventure.


I got a big girl camera! I got a big girl camera!  See?!  How awesome is that?  That is a picture from my new camera!  With zero editing!  (I was playing with a mode called “Toy” which is why the colors are super rich.)  Since I got this camera less than a month ago I have taken 2100 photos.  That’s a lot of pictures, even for me.  Can’t wait to spruce up this here bloggy-blog with some fancy-nancy photos.


I cut my hand this week.  Correction:  I stabbed my hand.  Hard.  With a steak knife.  I stabbed it so hard that my first reaction (after removing the knife) was to see if I had stabbed through the back side.   I didn’t.  Thankfully. But it did warrant 6 stitches and my ring finger is still mostly numb.  As was pointed (heh heh) out to me on Facebook, I have been removing avocado pits the wrong way for most of my life.  
Scroll down if you are squeamish.  There is no blood, but you may get grossed anyway.
This is exactly as I left the knife/avocado.  Ewwww.

The avocado still got eaten.  By me at 10:30 p.m.  Take that, jerk.

Stitches about 24 hours after the incident.


Did I neglect to mention that I stabbed my hand mere moments before Kevin was supposed to leave for a Samsung Lions baseball game?  It was accidental, I promise.  But instead of a baseball game with our super cool Korean friend, he got to put 4 unruly kids to bed.  Instead of eating fried squid, and chi mek (a meal of fried chicken [chi kin] and beer [mek ju]),  he got to eat that delicious chicken burger wrap you may have seen above.  Poor, poor Kevin.  
I’ll be honest.  While I didn’t exactly enjoy the stabbing or the stitching parts of the evening, I did get to sit and read a novel for a couple hours in the ER.  If given the chance to do it over, would I still stab my hand?  Absolutely not… ah, er.. actually, let me get back to you on that one. 

The new catchphrase in our house is, “I’d rather stab my own hand than .”  Feel free to borrow it.  It really is quite dramatic, in case you need something along those lines.


We started school this week!  Want to see my school-aged cuties?  

Gigi is in first grade and Ali is in kinder.  Here they are on their first day of school, so cute I want to squeeze. them.  Now in the past, I have been completely against beginning school before Labor Day.  Then, in the middle of the year last year, I had a stunning revelation.  We do better, and are generally happier, when we have the structure of a school day.  So our general rule of thumb is: if Daddy is working, we work on school.  Since Kevin has winter break, spring break, and summers off, it works out nicely.

All you homeschoolers, out there, keep your eyes peeled.  I’m planning a Homeschool Show and tell post because I just love love love the new books for this year.


Remember this Marauder?
This is sweet, adorable, Gabriel.  He is also hilariously funny, and totally wild in a “make-my-mom-chase-me-through-a-crowded-restaurant-because-I-think-it’s-funny” kind of way.
This kid will give me a heart attack, mark my words.  
Gabriel has eczema on his arms.  We discovered last spring that by removing dairy and most grains for a little over 2 weeks, we were naturally able to make it go away.  It was all good for a couple weeks, and then he had a piece of pizza and bam… eczema was back within 24 hours.
Being the lazy mom that I am, I decided this summer that I didn’t want to do this elimination diet business anymore.  It is restrictive and crazy-making and a whole lot of work for me.  Plus, no bread!  So I subjected Gabe to his second allergy test for a whole lot of money and the results came back (still) negative.  The doctor then told me what I was dreading… “You have to go back on the elimination diet until you actually figure out what is triggering the eczema.”  Argh.  Ugh. Ack. Gag.
So this week is: Elimination Diet, take two, week one.  I know from experience that week one is the hardest and makes me the crabbiest and the kids the hungriest (as in eating all day).  I know that, and still, I hate it. I almost gave up 150 times.  But I didn’t.  
Whine whine, moan moan.  In the end, that sweet, devilish mug is the only thing helping me stay on this path.


There is nothing quick about this 7 Quick Takes.  Except number 7.
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  1. You should do quick takes more often.
    I love the new camera, I can’t wait to relive all the greatest hits of the past year, and I’m praying your finger regains feeling soon.

  2. Hi, I actually found your blog through Cari’s snapshot post this week. How are you enjoying Daegu? I studied there in 2009 (Daegu University – it’s actually one subway and bus ride outside of the city) and while I didn’t necessarily love evvvvvery minute of it, I do miss it so very much! I’m looking forward to reading your blog! Enjoy Daegu!

  3. Hi Kayla! (That’s actually my nickname, although it’s spelled differently. ) What a small world, right? Or maybe we should play “Six Degrees of Snapshots Seperation.”