Photos from Christmas Week

Not much time for anything other than photos this week.  Fortunately I took a gazillion.  Warning: this post contains entirely too many exclamation points.


I bought and assembled a book shelf for the playroom.  Kids always add…adventure… to such home improvement projects, don’t you think?


We added the finishing touches to our Christmas tree.  Our neighbors helped!


The kids prepared a plate of cookies for Santa, and carrots and “reindeer food” for his valiant steeds.  They requested I take a photo to leave next to the plate so Santa could see what they looked like.


Tuesday (Christmas!)
I’m drunk on candy canes!

The Reason for the Season!

Loved ones for Christmas Dinner!

Look at these sweet cousins!


Gianna diligently worked on learning how to use her new sewing machine.  My evil plan to open up a child labor sweatshop is slowly coming to fruition!  Muahahahaha!

Kevin is such a great dad.  Dance party to Kidz Bop Radio on Spotify.  Voluntarily.

The most obnoxious LED light display is just a few blocks from our house.

Ezekiel, wrapped up.


A handsome king and a confused prince found their crowns in a fun new tradition called Christmas Crackers.  I feel utterly British just saying that.

King and Queen Darr

Look, Ma!  No feet!


Another big snowstorm today!

Gabriel will eat snow off of anything: dirty sidewalks, bushes, even falling straight from the sky.

And when you are too cold to stay outside but haven’t eaten nearly enough snow, put it in a bowl and eat it around the kitchen table while your sister makes you laugh.

More Christmas Takes at Jen’s.  Merry Christmas, all!


  1. SO MUCH FUN!!! Happy Christmas!

  2. Love all your pics sooooo much, Micaela! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!! We got your cards and we LOVED them. Thank you so much for sending them. Your family picture is gorgeous. I love you and your family. So glad we can stay in touch via the internet. What a blessing. Hope your hostessing is going well! Much love and big hugs, Suzy

  3. LOL oh my goodness your children are precious and some of these captions definitely made me LOL! Thank you for sharing! And I am quite impress with your little Gianna and her sewing machine. YOu will have to share a bit on what she creates!