Easter photos

Last week I cheated and took the kids Easter photos early.  In case you missed them, here’s a sample:

It’s a good thing too, because Easter Sunday brought fevers and very cranky attitudes in 2 of the 4 angels above.

Thanks to my visiting sister, we managed to take this photo after Mass:

even though this is a more accurate photo of the general Darr mood and ambiance:

Boys outfits: Carters via PX (Post Exchange, the military base store)
Girls dresses: Speechless (?!?!?!)), also via PX
Kevin: I have no idea.
Me: black pants (brina & em) and black shirt, PX, green cardigan: hand me down

Pray for me, will you?  I learned from Dwija after the fact that I’m most certainly going to H-E-you-know-where because I wore black to both Easter Vigil mass AND Easter morning mass.  Oh, the HORROR!  😉

Linking up with Camp Patton for the Easter Sunday finery.

Happy Easter, y’all!  He is RISEN!


  1. Aw you all look lovely! Happy Easter!

  2. All are gorgeous! And seriously, the backdrop? Couldn’t be more perfect!

  3. The cherry blossoms are amazing!

    Some nice ladies on twitter assuaged my h-e-double-hockey sticks fear re: black attire, so I wore my black pants with confidence 😉

  4. Look at those cherry blossoms!! Wowza!! You look great in black. Your smile is all the color you need!! happy, Happy Easter!!

  5. oh my goodness, those blossoms! absolutely beautiful! just like you and your lovely family.