Ice Skating, an Airplane, and a Surprise Cooking Class

Most days are like the days before and the days after.  They are predictable in a quiet, comforting way.  I’m mostly okay with that.  I don’t need a whole lot of hullabaloo on a regular basis.  (See, I even use geriatric words like “hullabaloo” in everyday speech.  Booooring.)  Today, a holiday to celebrate the life of the late great Martin Luther King Jr., was a little break from the normal Monday.  And then a “little break” became quite the adventure. 

I think it’s safe to say, I could list the following as things I did not plan to do today:
1) Take my family to eat lunch on an airplane
2) Allow my children to become Internet models  (and not just for their crazy Mom’s blog)
3) Take a children’s cooking class in Korean

And yet, because God is good, and He knew we wanted to smile today, He gave us all these things and a little bit more.

It all started a couple months ago, when we saw an ice-skating rink under construction on the riverbank near our home.  Oh, how exciting!  The kids began begging to go and we promised to give it a try.  I must confess, in all my excitement for the kids to experience their very first ice skating adventure, I forgot one important detail.

I am a terrible ice skater.  Awful.  Thanks to clumsy genes, I can’t keep myself upright on 2 ice skates, much less hope to support a small child learning.  My husband, on the other hand, all 6’2″ of him, is magnificently agile on ice.  (I’ll never forget one of our first official dates when he took me to an indoor skating rink in Southern California.  When I reflect back on that humiliating day, I’m still a little surprised he married me.)

But I digress.  We decided that today, a Monday when hopefully most Koreans would be at work or school, would be a great day to give it a try.  We packed up the kids in the car and headed to an indoor rink to hopefully avoid the wind and provide a more pleasant first skating experience for the girls.  The plan was that I would hang out rink-side with the boys while Kevin did his best to manage both girls.

We arrived, only to find out it was a private party for the next 1.5 hours.  Oh, the disappointment.  The short tempers.  The hunger.  Hunger?  OK, that is something we can remedy.  (As a side note, my kids are ALWAYS HUNGRY.  Are yours?)

See, the skating rink, near Suessong Mote, was also quite near the “Air Park,” a giant, honest-to-goodness grounded airplane restaurant.  The kids had also been begging to go there almost since our arrival in August.  But I’d heard lots of things about this restaurant.  It was expensive.  It was adult-ish.  Most pertinent, it was under renovation the last time anyone I knew went there.  So my hopes were not high.  My hopes were actually quite low.  You know, the “why-am-I-even-trudging-up-these-stairs-when-I-know-it’s-not-going-to-work-out” low.

Doesn’t look promising, does it?

Nevertheless, if I were to go to the Airplane Restaurant and it turned out to be ill-fitting for our family, well, at least then I could blame it on them and we could rid ourselves of the constant request to go to the Airplane Restaurant.

So imagine my surprise to find…

Only, like, the best kids restaurant in Korea,
Complete with Captain’s uniforms…
A cockpit…
A baby corral (I really gotta get me one of these)…
A cooking class…  
A magic show…
Incredibly delicious and beautifully presented food…
Oh, for heaven’s sake.  I bet you don’t even believe this anymore. I don’t know if I would.
Well, if you’re still reading, get ready for the most amusing and flattering part of our visit there.  
I know my kids are cute.  I mean, I know they are cute to ME, in the I’m-their-mom way.  But they are cute to Koreans, too.  Very, very cute.  (The Korean word that is always gushed is “ipo da,” which means cute, or adorable.  This was one of the first words we learned in Korean.)  There was a photographer/web designer there today who asked to photograph the girls for their website.  Don’t believe me?  
Look at the guy on the left.  He just finished photographing the girls in their flight jackets.
And on the right, taking photos of the cooking class:
So, supposedly, someday Gigi and Ali will be on their website.  I’ll let you know when.  Assuming I can find their website.  I already tried once tonight, but due to my pathetic Korean-reading skills and their relative newness, it was a no-go.
And yes, the girls still got to go ice skating.  So far, Gianna takes after her daddy,  Aliya takes after me.  Poor Aliya.
A little video of Gianna. Ipo da!



  2. That. Is. Awesome! I want to go to Korea now and eat at that restaurant, and that’s saying something, because I very rarely agree to spend a night away from my own bed.

    Ipo da!