Happy Birthday, Gianna!

What has two thumbs and writes a birthday post 1 week late?  This lady.

Somebody should really talk to her about that.

Oh, and about the horrible webcam photos, too. So tacky.

How about a nicer photo of that same lady?  Only this time you will barely notice her because she is holding her precious first born child in her arms on the very day of her birth.

Dear Gianna,

Happy Birthday, my love!  You are seven years old now, and this is your second birthday in Korea.

What an amazingly strong and capable young girl you’ve become.  You asked for (and received) roller skates from your Mimi and Papa.

You are working hard every day (more like every spare minute) to learn this skill.  (You’ve quickly learned that the only help I can give you is a hug and a kiss when you fall, because I am an abysmal skater.)

You were blessed with many more gifts, many more Skype calls (Nino and Nina, Opa and Aunties), and lots of love from every corner of the Earth.

You are becoming quite a helpful person to have around in your eighth year of life.  You often offer Zeke piggyback rides, and spend lots of time playing with Gabriel.  You are patient and kind with them, at least as much as can be expected of a seven year old with two young boys.  And they adore you for it.

Gabe is squinty-eyed and pale because he is TERRIFIED of the ride that is about to begin.
You held him tight the whole time.

We went to E-World (formerly Woobang Tower Land) for your birthday celebration.  It’s become a family tradition.

Your true best friend is Aliya.  You two are as thick as thieves and twice as clever. You laugh, you fight, you play…

At E-World, Aliya was able to join you on a big roller coaster for the first time.  My guess is you two will enjoy a lot of those rides together over the years, much like your Daddy and Uncle Bry.

At the end of the day, though, it’s not what you do or don’t do that fills my heart fill with love for you.

You are precious and wonderful, an incredible gift to me and to our whole family.  Thank you for being who you are, and for teaching me to be a mom.  

Happy Birthday, Sweet Gigi!


  1. Happy belated birthday, G-Money! Many, many more.