Boss me around… Furniture Rehab Addiction

I bought this table and these chairs for a song last weekend.



I know, I know I shouldn’t be starting projects right now.  But seriously?  A wooden table and 6 chairs for $45?  And another couple (non-matching) chairs for a few more bucks? I couldn’t resist.  I was so smitten that I sent Kevin down to the thrift store an hour before Gabriel’s birthday party to finalize the sale.  Weeeeeiiiirrrrdooooo.

Now I’m coming to you for some advice.  You didn’t steer me wrong last time I needed furniture rehab advice, so I’m asking again.

Aside: Last night when Kevin found me in the garage, he said, “Earlier when I came home you were covered in flour.  Now you’re covered in sawdust.  Don’t you think you’re taking this nesting a bit too far?”

Here it is, sanded down a bit.

You can tell the leaves didn't get much use.  They're much more difficult to sand down.

You can tell the leaves didn’t get much use. They’re much more difficult to sand down.

Before // After

Before // After

Still needs more work, though, obviously.


Now, I ask you dear readers and much more practiced furniture rehabbers:

Should I leave the finish naked and natural?

Should I stain it darker?

Or should I do this? Paint the bottom and stain the top?  (I’ll be honest, this is the one I’m leaning toward right now. It seems like the least amount of sanding work and looks purrrrty.  But I’ll listen if you tell me no-no-no.)  If I choose this option, should I stain the chairs or paint them?  Or combo, such as staining the seat and painting the rest?

I guess now would be a good time to mention that I created a new Pinterest board called Furniture Rehab Addiction.  Tell me what I should add to it.


  1. I just did the easiest Pottery Barn finish on a side table. It took about four coats of paint, one pretty easy distressing session, and some sealing wax.

    First, I had Ken sand (I’m not meticulous to sand). Then I primed with a coat of Kilz. Next, I did three coats of Behr’s Black Suede in eggshell finish. I LIGHTLY sanded between coats.

    Then, I took sandpaper, and sanded just the edges, and just the hard edges. So like on your table, where there’s a nice curve around the edge? I wouldn’t sand that. Just the hard lip right above it. I sanded through the primer, back down to wood. Then, I took a stain pen (glorified brown marker) and went over the exposed edge, wiping off excess.

    Then, when it was done, I hit the whole thing with paste wax, let it sit 15 minutes, then buffed it shiny.

    That table would look AMAZING done like that.
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  2. I love all the ways! Nice work on the sanding! If the baby isn’t here, I’m not sure there is a way to take nesting too far!
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  3. I have no ways or ideas to share because I got nothing in this department. But, I think you’re hilarious for buying this table right now. It made me chuckle a little and make me heart you a ton! Praying for you and that sweet baby!
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  4. What did you end up doing? I need to know because I spilled nail polish remover on my dining room table top. The top is dark wood, the legs are black. Please help.

    • I went with dark stain for the top and off-white legs. I’m really hoping to work on the chairs before Easter. A certain Little Miss doesn’t want to be put down though. I think I put a pic on IG. Does this link to it? Try this link: Table