Vote for me!

The moment has arrived.  The blessed, long anticipated moment wherein I announce my nominations  for my Emmy Grammy GoldenGlobe People’sChoice Bloggy Sheenazing Awards

(If I win, I get to post this ridiculously awesome graphic (below) on my sidebar.  Do you see how sad my sidebar is without that graphic?  Do you even CARE?)  

I love this photo of Venerable Fulton Sheen.  I imagine him saying “Simmer down, everyone. Just simmer down.”  

Back to the award.  I just started following Bonnie @ A Knotted Life a few weeks ago and somehow I got nominated for one of her awards?  Sheesh.  Undeserving, that’s me.  And nominated in TWO categories?  Best Underappreciated Blog AND Most Inspiring Blog?  You guys, really. Stop.  Don’t stop.  No, I mean it.  Stop.  
Ok, fine.  I’ll accept it.  I’ll take the darn award because the last time I received a blog award it was from Cari, and well, judging by the number of times I link to Cari (average of 3.2 times/weekly), that blog award marked the beginning of a great friendship/stalker relationship.  So bring it on!  The more friends/stalkees, the merrier.
Oh, wait.  First I must WIN said Amazing Sheenazing Award.
Enough blathering.  Go vote for me, or anyone else you deem worthy, but please vote.  
1) Voting will be open until Thursday at 6pm central.
2) You must vote for one blog/blogger in every category.
3) Please, for the love of God and out of respect for Bonnie’s family, vote only once.
Speaking of Cari, I totally forgot to link up to her January Snapshots of a Sunday.  My photo is the collage second from the top.  Check out our sledding adventure, and why I was humming “3 of these things, belong together, 3 of these things are kinda the same.  1 of these things just doesn’t belong here…” for the whole afternoon.  But not until after you vote!


  1. Anyone who moves with four children across the entire planet to a brand new culture should have an award category all her own.