I Won an Award!

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for a breaking news announcement.  I have been awarded the very prestigious Stylish Blogger Award by a blog I adore: Clan Donaldson!

(I have my suspicions that this just may be the 2011 version of those chain letters my mom never wanted me to send but I sent anyway.  Sorry, Mom.) 

Regardless, I’d like to thank the Academy for their recognition and to all those who didn’t win… there’s always next year.

For my acceptance speech, I’ve been advised that I must share seven things no one knows about me.  The problem is, I have a big mouth.  I like to talk. A lot.  If you will listen, I will tell you about myself.  (I’m also a good listener, but dang it if it doesn’t interefere with my talking.  Thank goodness for blogs.)  So I am going to alter the list a bit and title it:

Seven Facts About Me, All of Which Probably Only My Husband Knows

1. I hate calling people on the phone.  I do not hate talking on the phone.  The difference is that I hate being the one to initiate contact.  This stems from my overwhelming fear that I may be bothering someone… or anyone.  At all.  Family?  Mostly I only call my parents.  They have to like me.  Close friends?  Still afraid.  Customer service reps?  I hate bothering them too.  I KNOW it is silly.  I know, intellectually, that most of my friends are happy to hear from me, and that customer service reps are paid to listen.  But I still have to spend a good deal of emotional energy talking myself into dialing.  And if Kevin is around, I usually make him do the calling.

2. I eat ice cream almost every night.  I used to hardly care for sweets, but it all changed during my first pregnancy.  Maybe it’s the reason I’m fighting to take off this baby weight.  But it’s so gooooood.

3. I have adult ADD.  Or something like that.  I’ve never been diagnosed, but if you watched a video taken while I’m cleaning my house, for example, you wouldn’t doubt it for a second.  Example: While doing dishes in the kitchen, I notice I left a hair clip on the counter.  I scurry to put it away in the bedrom.  Oh, the bed isn’t made!  I make the bed, carry the dirty laundry to the laundry room.  What’s this toy doing in the washer?  I carry it to the kid’s bedroom.  Hey, what’s this moldy apple peeking out from under the bedskirt?  I gingerly tote it to the compost… oh yeah.  I was supposed to be washing dishes.  Dang.  Where did that 20 minutes go?  (I know that adult ADD is a real and serious disorder.  I’m not making fun of anyone who struggles with it.  Really. Um, what was I saying again?)

4. I hate the way I look on camera and the way my spoken voice sounds in video.  Probably the biggest reason you won’t see many pictures of me on this blog.

5.  I have a long-lived dream of being “discovered” while singing.  I know, I know, lots of people dream of this.  I continue to find it embarassing, but it persists, in spite of my efforts to squelch it.  I daydream about someone walking by the bedroom window while I’m singing the kids to sleep and being overcome by my raw talent.  Or maybe while I’m belting one out at Mass.  Yes, I know.  I have to remind myself every Sunday that all glory and honor is His.  I’m an OK singer, not on par with American Idol quality (good or bad).    But the dream lives on.
6. I am a tad OCD about symmetry.  I like when things are neat and even.  My house may get terribly messy, but I still like the things that are put away to be organized nicely.  The OCD part comes in when I can’t even begin to clean because I know the end result won’t be perfect.  I laugh about having 2 sons and 2 daughters, each born in sets about 18 months apart, because I feel like God really heard my need for even numbers. 

7. I am a super crunchy granola mom who eats organic, co-sleeps, breastfeeds, cloth diapers, homeschools, babywears, and so on.  That’s not the little-known fact.  The surprise is that since this move abroad, I’ve used lots of disposable diapers and fed my kids lots of fast food.  While I know this will all change, and hopefully soon, it’s something my Holistic Moms friends and all of my family will find amusing.

Now, to pass on this amazing award, I’d like to personally recognize two incredible blogs that inspire me greatly:

Nicole at Holistically Inclined


  1. I thought the same thing about chain letters!

    I also hate my voice and my shocking lack of photogenic gifts. I have solved this problem in two ways: 1. I am the self-appointed family photographer. I ruthlessly control the flow of visual information about the Clan. It was a singular act of God that allowed my daughter to get a camera for Christmas.
    2. I have no problem hacking into people’s picture files and corrupting their .jpeg files that contain images of me. Or I WILL have no problem doing that as soon as I figure out how.

    I love your list and your blog. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Micaela! And thanks for tagging me, I hope to get to responding soon.

    We share 1,2 and 4. Looking forward to reading more on your blog.

  3. Wow! I didn’t realize how alike we are (or maybe I did…)! =)

    We share 1, 3, 5, 6, & 7! Except that for #1, I feel timid even talking on the phone at all. But I’ll do it if someone calls me. I feel timid much of the time in general–it’s why I liked it better when you did all the talking at HMN!

    And for #5, I even had a dream of singing the National Anthem at a sporting event… WHA?????

    I used to feel the same about #4, but managed to do some real work to overcome that. My voice on video still bothers me more than my face on camera, but the knowledge that almost EVERYONE feels that way makes it easier to bear.

    And thanks for tagging my blog… the one I haven’t posted to in over a year… Maybe that’s the motivation I needed to get back to it. I have a LONG list of topics I want to share.


  4. Cari, HAHAHAHA! I love your intended hacking skills. My daughter Aliya also has a camera but I barely allow her to download anything. She’s only 4 and a half, so I still have control. Otherwise, there would be some really awkward pictures of me. Why are photos taken from below even more unflattering than the others?

    Allison, your blog really inspires me. Thank you!

    Nicole, I didn’t know if your family blog was public or not, which is why I tagged the other. I miss you too, friend. BTW, if you ever get invited to sing the National Anthem at a sporting event, you’d better invite me to sing a duet with you.