h3: Heartfelt, Heartwarming, Heartstopping

Lately I have been contemplating whether or not to become a grown-up blogger. It is a difficult decision to make. 

On the one hand, I do enjoy writing here. I enjoy the connection with friends and family and new-cyber (totally not creepy) friends. I admit I am a sucker for compliments, so this blog may just be a guilty pleasure of mine.  

On the other hand, it sounds like a lot of work, too.  I mean, grown up bloggers have to DO things. Like personalize their blog instead of using Blogger’s easy design templates. Like post regularly, and then “link up” (whatever that means) to other pages via personalized “buttons” (however those are created). In general, I would probably have to care a whole lot more about how many people read/comment on my blog.  And I would definitely have to understand technology better.   

It sounds exhausting. 

I have a lot to measure up to.  I mean, take a look at just a few of the funniest blogs I follow. 

Dwija at House Unseen, Life Unscripted is a whiz at {p.f.h.r} posts. Go ahead, check it out.  She also has her toddlers in jail.  Smart lady, as you can see.  Anyway, did you notice the personalized blog and the regular posts and the funniness and all?  Yeah, me too. 

Cari at Clan Donaldson just had her 6th baby LAST WEEK, and look at this hilarious post she put together for 7 Quick Takes. Go on, I’ll wait. Girl’s got talent, no?

Simcha at I Have to Sit Down just wrote this roll-on-the-floor funny post about taking her 9 kids, hubby and possible dog to a yurt this summer. And this is her funny-on-a-bad-day.  Unbelievable, right?

These are grown-up bloggers, people. Something I fear I will never be. Oh well. I can pretend, right? 

So today, with the plan of “fake it ’til you make it,” blogging  (Thanks again to Dwija for the inspiration), I introduce to you a new blog series. 

My goal in creating this series is to remind myself of a few wonderful, tender, loving or possibly crazy-making things that happen to me or are otherwise “on my heart” in a given week. Until I think of something more creative (and totally less cheesy), we’ll call it


Here’s How to Play h³:

1) Choose 3 adjectives beginning with “heart”.  Or not.
      (Here’s a partial list to get you started: heartbreaking, heartburning, heartening, heartfelt, heartless, heartpounding, heartrending, heartwarming, heartsick, heartstopping.  I strongly encourage made up words, too.)  
2) Tell a little about how each one is “on your heart” this week. Or don’t.
3) Link it back to my blog.  Or don’t.  Whatever.  
       (You: Wait, what’s a link up?  Me: Jinx, you owe me a Coke!)
4) Create me a beautiful “button” which I can then place on my blog.  You will receive heartfelt gratitude and a cyber high five.  (Seriously, though, this one is optional.  For all I know “creating buttons” consists of quantum physics.)
5) Enjoy all the love.  Or not.

Here’s my first attempt:



Heartfelt prayers go out to Rosemarie G. and Netta A.  You are in our prayers every day.  Love you both very much.

Muy muy heartfelt gratitude goes out to my friend Kate M. who is not a blogger (that I know of) but who helped me get my family on a path to nutritional sanity via many (likely very annoying) Facebook messages.  Thank you Kate!

And heartfelt Congratulations, Felicidades, Glückwünsche to my lovely Kate R. You are forever one of my besties and about to be a bride to a kind, thoughtful, and hot Austrian dude.  All the happiness in the world to you two!


Intent on getting this homeschoolin’ business done for the morning so we can hurry up and do fun stuff, I charged into the kid’s room and found this: 

Peaceful play.  Maybe for the first time in a millennium, er, I mean a week.  When I asked what they were doing, they replied that they were going camping in a hollow tree. Awwwwww, they sure do know the way to this California Hippie Mama’s heart. So we postponed school for a couple hours and had the most peaceful morning we’ve had in a millennium, er, week.


Immediately upon returning from the touching photo above, I walked into the kitchen to find this: 

Seriously, kids should not be able to DO this!!! When I meet God, I am going to ask him why helpless creatures who don’t have the sense He gave a goose are physically able to climb on top of tables without assistance, and in 30 seconds flat no less.  Sheesh. 


1) As I was writing this post I realized if you want to make a new phrase combining “blog” and “grown up” you get “blown up.”  Seems completely apropos to me.

2) Possible outcomes in relation to this post.

Worst case scenario:  No one responds.  No one links up.  I am still unique. My life is no different.  
Best case scenario: Billions of people “link up” to my blog, causing a huge disturbance in the force (or a massive internet meltdown, whichever sounds more dramatic to you).  I get millions of dollars (the details on who is paying me is a little fuzzy) causing me to acquire some cyber stalkers. The whole story will then be made into a Lifetime original movie and I will retire at the ripe old age of thirty-ahem..

Um, I think I’m changing my mind about which is best and which is worst. 


  1. Should I create a blog just to support you? lol
    It’s funny though because I have been contemplating blogging for awhile now. Summer would be a good time to start… Maybe Ill just put it off for a few weeks then decide.
    Good Luck!

  2. Okay, I have no idea how to “link back” other than the way I did it….do teach me, o master blogger, the ways of this “grown up blogging” 🙂 http://alamomof5plus.blogspot.com/2012/05/h3.html Oh and how do I make a button? LOL