Fitness, Pain, and a Virtual 5K

I don’t much like to talk about fitness stuff on my blog.  Mostly that’s because it is either, a) totally depressing to me, or (much less often) 2) feels like I am bragging.  (There was that one post in March where I mentioned I lost 2 lbs. by eating every single meal out at Korean restaurants. But that hardly counts cause it was only one line in an otherwise (ahem, touching yet hilarious) non-fitness blog post.)

Anyhoo, I am going to break my fitness rules just this once because I am a total sucker for peer pressure.  My friend Cari over at Clan Donaldson is hosting a link-up to her Virtual 5K. For those of you that need a fitness goal but don’t want to pay entrance fees or otherwise compete in anything remotely  resembling a race, this is for you.  Check out her original post here, plus an update with a link-up.  And if you want a laugh, check out the t-shirt she designed just for moi.

But back to me.

Between August of last year and April of this year, I lost about 25 lbs.  Before you get too excited, I should let you know a few things:

1) I had a baby in November of 2009.
2) I had another baby in May of 2011.  (That’s 18 months, folks.)
3) Those were my third and fourth babies.
4) I didn’t lose all my pregnancy weight between those pregnancies.
5) I gained waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much weight with my last pregnancy.

So, all things considered, 25 lbs. was not that impressive, and still not everything I needed to lose.  But it was nice, and I was feeling like less of a beached whale.

Then, in May, we went dairy-free and grain-free for 27 days.  (It was a heckuva diet, but we did it for our 2 year old Gabe, whom we suspected had sensitivities to certain grains and/or dairy.)  I decided that was as good of a time as any to try out the Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred video that had sat on my shelf for 9 months.

The combination of those two things: Paleo-type diet, and 30 days of booty-kicking video workouts helped me shed another 12 (or so) lbs.  It was the best shape I’d been in since possibly before the birth of my first child.

And then my concupiscence had to go and ruin everything.

Sin #1: I’m no good at commitment. (At least not to exercise routines or diets.  I’m great with people.  People I like, people I talk to and eat and and drink with.  People don’t make me feel like passing out or punching the TV screen.  Usually.  Jillian Michaels excepted.)

Sin #2: I went on vacation to Gluttonifornia.  Where all the gluttony happens and none of the exercise.

Oh, Lordy.  We ate our way through California with abandon.  Don’t get me wrong, we love Korean food.  But our 7 weeks of vacation on Cali were one long bucket list of restaurants to eat at before we died, er, came back to Korea.

All those long glorious summer days, Jillian Michaels was nowhere to be seen.  I ate and lounged and ate and lounged and slowly filled like a balloon.  Only a balloon not filled with air, because air would be easy to lose…  Oh, never mind.  It’s time to abandon this analogy before things get nasty.

The point is, I gained 12 pounds, people.  12 pounds!!!!  California, in case you did not know, is NOT Korea.  And Californian food is certainly not all Korean food.  Apparently, you can not eat out every meal and hope to stay the same weight, much less actually  lose weight.

So  here I am.  Back in Korea.  Back to Jillian E. Michaels (if you guess what E stands for, you are smart and funny too, and possibly you have a sailor’s mouth). Day One of the 30 Day Shred was 2 days ago and I am still so sore it is hard to move.  But tomorrow will be better, and I’ll keep at it.  I’m also shooting to run/walk/limp/crawl that Virtual 5K, tae kwon do-style.  The little ninja-dude on my awesome shirt will root me on.

Soon, we’ll also be back to the Paleo diet, because we did everything right but the end.  Basically, we know Gabe is allergic to something, but we’re not sure what, so back to the drawing board we go.


  1. Now I’ll be spending all day trying to figure out what the “E” stands for.
    And I, too, need to get back on the stupid Shred train.

  2. Next week. I swear…NEXT WEEK I’M SHREDDIN’!