She’s a gold star baby…

When Gianna was a baby, she needed to be worn or nursed, or both, at all times.  I kid you not: that girl would wake up within 15 minutes of me laying her down, every. single. time.  When I found out I was pregnant with Aliya, I cried.  Not because I wasn’t happy, but because I was just so very tired.  I couldn’t fathom doing all that with two kids so close together in age.

Thankfully, none of my children needed me quite as intensely as Gianna did, but they were all fairly “high needs,” as the euphamists would say.  Kevin and I always gazed in wonder and awe at our friends’ children who would lie quietly on the floor and wonder what kind of magic potion their parents gave them?

Enter little Miss Rosalie, miracle child.

Sleeping through a KARAOKE party.  A LOUD karaoke party.  For 4 whole hours.

Sleeping through a KARAOKE party. A LOUD karaoke party. For 4 whole hours.

I know, everyone’s kid is a miracle.  And every baby is a blessing.  But Rosalie’s something we’ve never had before: a sleeping blessing.

My view from the Ergobaby.

My view from the Ergobaby.

Why, yes, I did come here just to gush mom blogger all over the place.  I hope that’s okay.  And since my post-partum brain is waaaaaay worse than my pregnancy brain, let’s keep it simple, in the form of pretty pictures and FAQs:

At the end of our 10 minute Christmas photo shoot.

At the end of our 10 minute Christmas photo shoot.

Is she a good baby?

See above.  Also: her nicknames are: Gold Star Baby, Blue Ribbon Baby, and Award Winning Baby

No, but really, I hate that question.  I’ve never met a bad baby, even the ones that don’t sleep and those cry all the time.  Babies are just babies.  Some are easier and some are harder, mostly based on how much Purgatory time their mom needs to burn off.  (I kid, I jest!)

Christmas baby 1

Christmas baby 1

Christmas baby 2

Christmas baby 2

Are you sleeping?

Remarkably, yes.  We co-sleep because I am way to dang lazy to get up in the middle of the night to nurse a baby.  And the smell of a cuddly warm munchkin?  Sign me up for that crack.

Rosalie mostly sleeps all night, and especially the first stretch between 7 pm and midnight which means that I get to *gasp* hang out with my husband.

One disclaimer: she’s not the best napper.  If I have to choose, though, I pick nighttime over naps any day of the week and twice on Sunday.


The love this boy has for his baby sister…


Tiny baby fists

Tiny baby fists

Are the kids helping you?

Good. Lord. Yes.  It is insane.  I have no idea how I did it before I had helpers.  And when the girls are gone for a couple hours I hardly know how to handle it.  These kids beg to hold her, change her, put her to sleep (they’ve yet to master the last skill).  They want me to teach her how to take a bottle, but then I think they would mutiny and I’d never get to hold her undisturbed again.  I’m keeping nursing just for the snuggles.

With my best friend Tania on New Years.

With my best friend Tania on New Years.

Another New Years pic... not so adoring this time.

Another New Years pic… not so adoring this time.

How is homeschooling?

It’s going.  Some days we get everything done in a couple hours due to a wicked long nap, other days we’re finishing when Daddy gets home from work and my back is aching from holding a baby.  Most days I remember to hug the kids and smile.  So, it’s going, and the kids are learning and this is just a season anyway, verdad?

Excuse me while I melt.

Excuse me while I melt.

Baby stats:

Over 11 lbs now (8 lbs 6 oz at birth), 22 inches long (supposedly 18 3/4 in at birth: wowsah!)

The changing table... one of our favorite places to chat.

The changing table… one of our favorite places to chat.


Smiling, cooing, loving on her mama, daddy and sisters.  She’s a little nervous about her wackadoo brothers, but I think she’ll come around.

Today's ridiculousness du jour.  Can you even?  I cannot even...  (The girls dressed her.  I am not now have I ever been girly enough for that outfit.)

Today’s ridiculousness du jour. Can you even? I cannot even… (The girls dressed her. I am not, nor have I ever been, girly enough for that outfit.)

That’s all, friends.  I’ve got some more thought-provoking blog posts up my sleeve if I ever get the brain fog to melt.  In the meantime, thanks for hanging out with us!


  1. It’s so crazy how babies are so different! She is awesome. I’m a little nervous about this next one. Luke was SUCH an easy baby. Slept like a dream. It was so weird. He’s more than made up for that during his toddler years, of course, but I feel like we ‘used up’ our easy baby card and I feel like I may be up for that purgatory baby…. Eek. Rosalie and all her siblings are just the cutest.
    Mary @ Better Than Eden recently posted…It’s Ordinary Time…We Need a Giveaway!My Profile

  2. Too sweet! I just… Could wax poetic with you and agree and compare but then that’d really be my own post. So I will say this: I may possibly be jealous of the helpers a little bit. But I understand relishing the snuggles during nursing.
    Madeline recently posted…Morning MuffinsMy Profile

  3. Beautiful photos and a great recap of all things baby and family 🙂
    I LOVE Ergobaby head – so close, so sweet, so kissable!
    All of you kiddos are cute (but I really like Zeke’s glasses 😉 )
    Both of my girls were VERY relaxed, chill babies. They’d sit contentedly and watch what was going on and then practically fall asleep when I said the words “nap time.” It was a little bit of a shock to have a not-chill baby after two in a row 🙂
    Theresa @ OrdinaryLovely recently posted…It’s the Club Pack Life for Me (Adventures in Grocery Shopping)My Profile

  4. Share all the adorableness you can! So beautiful and peaceful!
    mary recently posted…Grey Days DaybookMy Profile

  5. What a delicious baby:)
    Maria recently posted…Baby bulletinMy Profile

  6. I may very well be on the exact same page as you – I don’t want to jinx it, but after a few really rough weeks, Peter’s kind of an amazing baby. Like, willing to be put down while he’s awake, and finally starting to sleep a long stretch for that first part of the night! I can’t even get over what a huge, HUGE difference it makes!
    Rosie recently posted…Winter Mom-Uniform: Nursing-Friendly Dresses!My Profile

  7. What an adorable baby 🙂
    Claire Rebecca recently posted…7QT: Classes, Sexual Ethics, and Posts You May Have MissedMy Profile

  8. She is super cute! I’m glad she is such a winner! 🙂 It is funny how very different every baby is. It’s like they’re all unique and unrepeatable or something 😉
    Tamara recently posted…Cute Baby, Tea, and A Lot of BooksMy Profile