My Family of Origin

Please note: the next installment of the Homeschooling Series is being postponed until Tuesday or Wednesday.  We’ve had a wonderful but busy weekend and I just didn’t get it all done.  But I’ve been thinking about this topic for a few days and wanted to share a little bit about myself with you.  Share back in the comments box, below, will you?

When we were kids, my parents had this book around the house:


I should pause right now to acknowledge my mom.  Mom, listen.  I know you are dying of embarrassment that I’m sharing this.  Just like you died of embarrassment when I showed it to the Miller kids from across the street nearly 30 years ago.  But it’s okay.  Really.  You were doing the best you could and I promise it didn’t scar me for life.  (Unfortunately, I can’t speak for the Millers.)

Back to the book.  Did you have this as a child?  It’s a book about how babies are made.  Some features include: naked and chubby cartoon mom and dad, detailed cartoon images of baby-making, and some silly pictures that… well, you can Google if you really want to laugh.

The point of this book was to give parents an easy way to talk to their children about where babies come from.  If memory serves, it is actually a sweet book, shows them being married and in love, and I think, does its 1970’s best to be anatomically correct while not too using too much jargon.

I thought about this book again today because I was reflecting upon where I come from.  I don’t mean the physical act (Sheesh, Mom, I really had no idea this was going to cause you so much grief!) but rather the people that formed and shaped me as a young person and that continue to shape me now.

All that is a looooooong, roundabout way of saying I’m going to break from my usual habit of talking about my kids, to talking about my family of origin.

My mom and dad met in 1973 at the University of San Diego in an – wait for it embryology class.  2 weeks after meeting my mom, my dad proposed to her.  My mom, like any sane woman, refused.  A few months later she changed her mind, praise be to God.

I am the second oldest of 11 children.  I was the only girl until I was nearly 16 years old.  My parents felt so sorry for me that they (sort of) let me name my 6th brother.  I was a tomboy who really  liked girly things but would rather die than admit that.  I remember that my older brother told me he wouldn’t fight physically with me anymore when he was about 12 and I was 10.  He didn’t think it was right to beat up a girl.  Ever the lady, I attacked him and beat him up.  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

When my first sister (child #8) was born, I ran around my high school telling everyone I knew. I had visions of me driving a convertible with her in the passenger seat… realistic, I know.  My 2 youngest sisters were born while I was at college.  I got a kick out of telling people when my parents were expecting babies.  Their reactions, ever the ignorant teenagers to whom pregnancy is a death sentence, could barely fathom it.

Kevin met my family when my youngest sister was 4 days old.  In a way it makes me jealous of her.  She’s known Kevin her whole life.

My siblings’ careers consist of: financial analyst (I have no idea what he really does, but he worked for an accounting firm for a long time, so we’re gonna go with that), priest, retired army paratrooper who is now a high school teacher and football coach, food service engineer on his way up the ladder of the most delicious fast food chain around (hint: it’s mostly only found in California), store manager of a major technology retail store, chiropractor, seminarian, 2 college students and a high school student.

I now have 4 amazing sisters-in-law, and 8-going-on-10 nieces and nephews. (That makes 12-going-on-14 grandchildren for my parents, in under 8 years!)  My family is spread all over the globe: Korea (boo hoo), Ohio, Iowa, Tennessee, and all up and down California.

The last time we were all together was summer of 2011.  We’re going to try and remedy that next summer.  Right, guys?  RIGHT?


Minus 3 brothers, 1 sister-in-law, and a couple babes born since. Here we are in 2011.

So now you may have a better picture of where I come from.  Better than that silly book, anyway.  Now tell me: where do YOU come from?


  1. Oh wow…we had that book too! Too funny!!!

    And, you family sounds like such a fun place to grow up…all those siblings sound like such fun!

    My parents met at Penn State…my dad was getting his PhD in Organic Chemistry and my mom was getting her Master’s in Elementary Education. They got married in 74,…had my oldest brother in 75, I was born in 77, had my sister in 80 and my youngest brother in 85. In 1992 they adopted a 6-year old little girl from Jamaica. My oldest brother and youngest brother are both working on their PhD in computer engineering. My younger sister is a nun and my youngest sister (adopted one) owns a flower shop. My kids are the only grandkids so far, so they get all the spoiling.
    Amelia recently posted…WIWS….bad hair and boring.My Profile

    • Your family is so interesting as well! You’ve got a bunch of intellectuals in there! My parents tried to adopt in 2004 but it didn’t work out. Another story for another day. 😉

      Thanks for sharing!
      Micaela recently posted…Tardy TakesMy Profile

  2. I So enjoy your blog, Micaela! Thanks for fun and honesty…I’ve visited on occasion but have not commented…Subscribing so i don;lt miss anything.:) GREAT family pic!
    Be well and God bless!
    Chris recently posted…Adirondack Memories: Happy Birthday in Heaven, DadMy Profile

  3. Awe, that made me kind of tear up. Not that it was all sappy or anything, I was just remembering back in high school when we found out your mom was FINALLY going to have another girl! I love you and your family! I’m going to be in Tennessee soon and am hoping to swing by and say hi to David.
    Christy recently posted…Columbia, MissouriMy Profile

    • I’m sure I tackled you with excitement that day, Christy. 🙂 Do YOU have any idea where I would have gotten a convertible? Cause I sure don’t.
      Micaela recently posted…Tardy TakesMy Profile

  4. My parents met in the apartment complex. 3 girls lived in the apartment over 3 boys. They were young working adults. Two families came from them meeting and hanging out with each other. My father proposed to mother by telling her he was moving to Japan in 6 months and would she like to come with him. I can’t believe they only had 6 months to get married and to pack everything and go. The last interesting bit is that I was almost born at a SUMO match, but luckily they made it to the hospital before I showed up. While my parents would have loved a large family, I am an only.

    • A SUMO match?! That is awesome! How long did you live in Japan? Are your parents still in touch with their former roommates?

      • I just lived in Japan a few years. I don’t remember it. Yes, the roommates from the apartment long ago have kept in touch. We used to do family vacations with the other family when I was young, and one of the women from the apartment lives near me and we visit now and then. She is like an aunt to me.

        • Wow, that is neat. I have some friends that I’ve known since college and we hope our families are close forever. That gives me hope!

  5. Love your family, love the diversity of career fields you have all chosen. Fun fact about my fam: There were six in my family growing up, three boys, two girls, boy. And that is what I ended up with in the same order, three boys, two girls, baby boy. It is very hard not to compare my children with the sibling in my family they correlate with.
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  6. How interesting! Thanks for sharing. I have a large extended family: my mom is one of 8 and my dad is one of 6, but my parents only had two kids: me- the surprise 4 months into their marriage, and my brother- the surprise 11 years later as my mom was turning 40. The timing isn’t what my parents would have chosen, but they are glad God intervened as the timing ended up being just right.
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    • I should have mentioned my parents’ families! My dad is one of 6 and my mom is one of 11 (9 are still alive). Isn’t it great that we aren’t in control of everything? God does know best.

  7. I wish I had grown up in a family like yours, but obviously God knows better. I grew up with just my mom (my dad died when I was 4 months old), and I wouldn’t wish single childhood on anyone. Nor having a single parent. Families are the heart and the furnace of humanity – we need the interaction of as many people as God blesses us with in order to become fully human. That’s my experience anyway: I didn’t become fully human until I learned how to live with others, which didn’t happen until I was married and we had a commune!
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