When your husband loves you enough to do the little things…

Last weekend we cleaned out a good chunk of our garage.  Among the remnants of last summer’s move was a box of memorabilia, and in it was a CD.  A CD that I bought after I wore out my old Lunas Rotas cassette tape  (by an artist named Rosana).  I smiled and set it aside, remembering fondly the happy days I spent in Sevilla, Spain during my junior year of college.  Rosana is my Spanish equivalent of the Indigo Girls, and I love that album with a ferocity that is rivaled by only a couple other.

Last night I hopped in the van to go to the grocery store, a task that I’ve recently claimed as my alone time.  When I started the car the CD player turned on, and in the player was this song.



Immediately a flood of memories overcame me.  The smell of orange blossoms in March.  Walking to meet my friends for café con leche.  Writing poetry by the Guadalquivir River.  Windy cobblestone streets and wild taxi rides.  Weekend trips to the beach.  Balmy evenings at the hidden sangría bar.  Late nights clubbing, other late nights sitting by the river sharing secrets with my best girls. Midnight phone calls to Kevin, who at that point was still “only” a friend.

All the time, my Walkman playing this album on continuous loop.

My heart nearly burst from this sweet gesture from my husband.  Joy and nostalgia and LOVE overcame me, and I may have sat in the van for a few minutes even after I parked the car.  Kevin knows me well enough to know my favorite CD, and enough to know I wouldn’t put it on for myself.  It’s the little things like this that let me know he loves me.  I felt wrapped up in his affection, consumed by it.


Do something little for your sweetheart today.  Think about the ways in which only you know him, and give a sign that you love that thing about him.  You never know which little thing will make your beloved fall in love with you’ll over again, so you might as well get started trying.


  1. This is beautiful. 🙂
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  2. Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  3. This actually brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful. I’m going to do something special for my loving hubby right now…
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