Put Love There: Politics and Friendships

Last year I wrote a series of three posts on the intersection of two very dear topics: politics and friendship.  I had pretty much all but forgotten about them until I wrote my Most Posts a few weeks ago.  I didn’t include them for some reason, but they’ve been wandering around my brain for weeks on end.  And then I received an mass email in which the opening line was “Micaela, you already know this is an election year…”

And it struck fear and dread into my heart.  No, I didn’t realize.  I would have been much happier in my bubble of Mommy blog without that knowledge, thank you very much.  The last time it was an election year, I lost friends.  Some of the closest friends I had, and people I had assumed would always be with me forever and ever, amen.  So you can see why the thought of another election cycle is horrifying.  These three posts, written several months after one of the most hurtful and yet enlightening moments of my life, were the result of a lot of prayer and self-reflection.

The Issues Tearing Us Apart; Love, Part 1

In an email exchange a few weeks back, a friend of mine referred to “the issues that are tearing America apart.”  The issues she was referring to, abortion and same sex marriage, are the hot button topics of today, as well as a particular struggle in my friendship with this wonderful lady.

And before you sink into fight-or-flight mode: I won’t be discussing either of those topics today.  You’re welcome.

3 Reasons to Put Love First; Love, Part 2

Isn’t it better that we correct others, chastise them, in order to hopefully get them to see the Truth?  After all, instructing the ignorant and admonishing sinners are listed as Spiritual Works of Mercy.  Far be it from me to question the works of mercy.  I’m not suggesting anyone sit down and shut their traps about important issues.  I’m merely suggesting that there are better ways, more fruitful ways, of interacting with our political adversaries.  Especially since those people are often our loved ones.

Humble Pie; Love, Part 3

It’s like your mama said, “If you can’t speak on something without being self-righteous, rude and sarcastic, you probably shouldn’t speak at all.”  Or something like that.

What brought about this reminder?  Well, yesterday I was self-righteous, rude and sarcastic.  It felt great for about 1 minute.  And since then I’ve been sick to my stomach.

I have a little more wisdom now than I had back then, so I do hope to avoid the pitfalls I collapsed in last time.  Certainly it was fruitful for me to re-read these.  I hope they speak to you a little too.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on them if you have a minute to share.

A whole helping of Love,




  1. I have to confess that one VERY big blessing of living in Mexico is that we are not directly affected by the political dysfunction in the U.S. I’ll take the Mexican dysfunctions any day over those in the States!
    Anna recently posted…Musing on bloggingMy Profile

  2. I have the same feelings a lot of times. I obsess over these things and usually don’t say anything but when I do, like I’ve done on facebook before, I’m immediately sorry. It just gets insane! And even if I’m not getting hammered, invariably someone who replied to my post is and then I’m embarrassed I even posted. So usually I just lay low. I don’t always know when is the right time to stand up for what I believe and/or defend my faith so I say nothing. But that’s not the answer either. I think it’s a good point and important that we first and foremost put love between us.

    • Yes, yes, yes. I’ve been there so many times, Aileen. I’ve resorted, when I’m feeling like I wanted to spout off (even in charity) to asking the Holy Spirit to give me the words or make me shut up. Usually I shut up. I need more practice standing up for my beliefs with charity.


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