Pope Francis, redacted version

Last night, I wrote a whole piece on the Pope Francis’ interview that was recently published in the Jesuit publication, America Magazine.  Overall I thought my post was a witty piece, a little sarcastic, a wee bit caustic, and of course,  smart!  (What, you didn’t think I published my dumb pieces, did you?  Well, at least not on purpose.)

Something (Sleep deprivation? The Holy Spirit?) kept me from hitting “Publish” though, and boy am I glad.  When I re-read it this morning it sounded exactly like the pompous ass-hattery that Pope Francis is asking us to abstain from.  Okay, so maaaaaaybe he didn’t use the term “ass-hattery,” but you get the picture.

I do encourage you to read:  a) the interview itself, because it says inspiring things like this:

“…For me, the relationship between the ancient Catholic churches and the young ones is similar to the relationship between young and elderly people in a society. They build the future, the young ones with their strength and the others with their wisdom. You always run some risks, of course. The younger churches are likely to feel self-sufficient; the ancient ones are likely to want to impose on the younger churches their cultural models. But we build the future together.”


and b) this editorial analysis by Michale Coren, because he says wonderful things like this:

“What Francis has urged, though, is a new painting. Black and white is vital, but the true picture can only be understood through a whole variety of colors. So this is a Pope of nuance and backstory, of delicacy and empathy of delivery. Truth needs to be sung rather than shouted, and he is telling the world — and particularly those who have left the Church and those who hide behind its rules instead of being liberated by them — that while we cannot compromise on truth, we must not compromise on love. ” (Emphasis mine)


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… this dude is one cool cat.  I heart Papa Francisco.


  1. Loved his interview.
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  2. Also. love the meme – well played indeed. We’ve got another radical in our midst, one who is as misunderstood as Jesus was, and just as committed to shaking up the world.
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  3. Well played, Micaela!
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  4. Great summary and not ass-hatery at all, friend….well done. I pinned this so I can go back and read the article as well as the commentary you suggest. (When my brain is not in HS mode and I can really digest.)
    Thank you!
    Have a great day!
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