Just a regular Sunday…

Just a regular Sunday, you know. No big deal.


Fr Barron


Just hanging with our new shepherd, Auxiliary Bishop-Elect Barron.

Yes, I’m popping in to brag (hey, I live in Los Angeles, I have to take a brag where I can get it, right?) but also because I CAN’T BELIEVE I forgot to mention the Word on Fire Podcast when I mentioned my new favorite podcasts last week. Like, duh. Bishop-Elect Barron has an amazing gift for homiletics, and he posts weekly on iTunes. His Sunday homilies cover the historical context, the language, the nuances of the gospel.

As a family we often read the daily readings as a part of our prayer, and on Sundays we always try to read them before Mass.  Because I have a little one who is adorable yet suuuuuper distracting, I find it helps to know what I’m listening to ahead of time. Bishop-Elect Barron’s homilies are truly educational as well as inspirational. I give at least one fist-pump of victory per episode.

Here is today’s homily at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, our diocesan cathedral. We were sitting off to the right, 2nd pew, but I don’t think you can see us in any of the video.  Thank goodness.


And because being Catholic is awesome, after Mass we can also enjoy a beers at a brewery with friends. (What kept running through my brain: “Look at you, you have a baby… in a bar.” #namethatmovie)

Angel City

Rosalie’s favorite exercise is Downward Dog.


Finally, for any non-practicing Catholic, non-Catholic, or even agnostic/atheist friends: Bishop-Elect Barron is really talented at explaining Catholicism.  If you’ve ever been curious, his DVD series Catholicism is a visually stunning and well worth your time. He also has a ton of free videos are articles on his website, Word on Fire.

P.S. Catholics, pray for our bishops and priests! They need all the prayers they can get.


  1. Oh lucky you!!! We always listen to Fr Barron’s homily on the way to Sunday Mass. They are so good.
    Catherine recently posted…Summer Books & FilmsMy Profile

  2. So cool! I’m quite jealous.

    And Sweet Home Alabama obv. 😉
    Sarah Ortiz recently posted…Where I’m At TodayMy Profile

  3. Hi! Micaela~ We came back to KOREA safely.
    Thank you so much! we never foget our memory in LA.
    We miss your family~

  4. This is so cool!! How exciting that you got to meet Bishop Barron! Also, Sweet Home Alabama. I have had a baby in a bar on quite a few occasions and I always think of that line. Too funny.