I Know I Promised Silence…

But apparently I lied. HOWEVER! In my defense, I wrote this article (link below) in the madness of last week. So, perhaps you’ll forgive me just this once?

Anywho, would you like to read my thoughts on world peace? And how an episode of My Little Pony, a YA novel, and my camera changed my focus for Lent? Click over and read my newest article at Catholic Exchange: Peace in the Heart.

If you’re so moved, please comment over there and share it. You guys are the best. 🙂

And just for fun, here’s what I’ll be doing today:


And here’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow:



  1. Gorgeous photo, gorgeous!! I’m getting a big HINT from God that this year, and Lent in particular, is supposed to be about peace. Hmmmmm.

  2. Down here Mexico way they put the ashes on the top of the head because, as Padre explained, the scripture passage explicitely tells us to do our (lenten) actions in secret. The funny part is that I hadn’t realized this before I went to Ash Wednesday service and was hoping to have a smudge on my forehead when I went to the protestant bible study that afternoon so I could explain about Lent to everyone (oh how I love to be seen as super-spiritual!) God’s little joke/lesson for me!
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