Homeschool Resources for Lent, part 1

Can you believe it’s almost Lent?  Two weeks from today is Ash Wednesday?!  I mean, I just cleaned up Christmas a couple of weeks ago!  Heck, I just found Nativity Baby Jesus #1 yesterday (in a purse, in the playroom) and Nativity Baby Jesus #2 is still MIA.

Nevertheless, the liturgical calendar marches on.  Being so far away from English resources, I need to order any literature/supplies within the next week or so in order to have it here in time. So I beseech you, oh wise parents!  Answer my questions and share thine wisdom with me!

The Gathering (of information):

1) Which books and/or other literature do you read with your children during Lent? Easter?
2) What internet resources do you find helpful in preparing for Lent and Easter?
3) Does your family celebrate any traditions during Lent?
Please share this widely, as I’d love as much feedback as possible.  I’ve got Advent and Christmas down pat but Lent is sadly sort of…, well sort of barren.
I’ll be back next Wednesday with a compilation of what I’ve gathered for you to peruse.

Don’t forget to vote (once) in the Sheenazing Awards.  Voting closes Thursday at 6 p.m. central time.  I’m a little embararassed about my enthusiastic shameless self-promotion post yesterday (ahem, apparently not too embarrassed to link to it, so there you go.  As my sister says: sorrynotsorry), so today I’m just encouraging you to go vote for whomever you like.  There are so many incredible Catholic blogs out there.  I’m slowly making my way down the list.  Thanks to Bonnie for putting this together!


  1. We have two saviors, too, due to having two cats who like to abscond with Jesus and/or knock him in back of the shelves. Cats don’t like competition, apparently.