Feast of the Holy Family

Today is the Feast of the Holy Family.  We have a particular devotion to Joseph, Mary and (of course!) Jesus in our home.  There is so much to learn from them, but today it seems very simple.

The only parenting advice you’ll ever need:

Obey God in everything.

Love and protect your child with every fiber of your being.

SONY DSCA brief summary*:

An angel appeared to Mary and asked a wee small favor: Would you mind being the mother of God Incarnate?

“Sure thing,” said Mary.  (Bring it on.)

An angel appeared to Joseph and asked another itsy bitsy favor: Your fiancee is pregnant, but you’ve gotta stand by her, okay?  Take care of her Little Man and bring him up right.  Got it?

“Got it,” said Joseph.

Fast forward through an uncomfortable journey, a primitive birth location, and some unexpected visitors.  An angel appeared to Joseph again: Wake up your wife and little bundle of chub.  It’s time to hit the road, Jack.  And don’t look back.

“On it,” said Joseph.

A long journey to Egypt, and another one back to Nazareth.  They raise the Son of God up to be a a good little guy.  As good as they come, actually.

Jesus gets lost in a temple.  They seek Him and find Him.

Jesus maybe isn’t quite ready to perform His first miracle.  Mary prods him.  (Mama knows best.)

Jesus is mocked, sentenced to death, tortured and burdened by a cross.  Mary walks with Him, never leaving his side.

Jesus dies.  Mary holds His Body in her arms.

Obey God in everything (even if it seems totally crazy).

Love and protect your child with every fiber of your being.

The only parenting advice you’ll ever need.

*Read the Bible for the non-lame, non-paraphrased version.


  1. I like your lame (your words, not mine) and paraphrased version!

  2. I like your paraphrase version too!

  3. Simply beautiful – thanks!

  4. I love your version!! 🙂

  5. You have a gift