Easter Weekend


Our Easter weekend has been busy.

Fun run
Egg dyeing
Nasty cold/flu-like illness
Egg hunts (plural)
Marathon (in which we did not participate, but which did turn our normally 20-minute commute to Mass into a 45-minute drive)
and, of course, A Most Joyful Mass of the Resurrection.


Fun Run

Egg Dyeing

Easter Morning

Easter Outfit #1= Hanboks= Fail

Easter Outfit #2= Dresses= Success

Egg Hunt #2

That funny moment when: you realize what you thought was some special setting on the camera is actually just the result of grimy kid paws all over the lens.

Finally, three more photos that were obviously taken by someone much more talented than me.

(Please note: all the really good pictures in this post were taken by my friend Mariam)

Jesus Christ is risen today!




  1. We did a fun run too! (We haven’t gotten to the egg dying/Easter celebrating part yet, though). =)

  2. It looks lovely! The family, the run, the costumes and egg dying, all of it.
    My two favorites, however, are the Jimi Hendrix shirt I spot on one of the girls and the sight of a bearded husband. Mine has shaved his off for summer, and I still weep over it.

    Happy Easter!!

    • Cari, guess what Kevin did today? Shaved off his beard! I’m pretty sure he missed your comment, too, so it makes it extra funny to me. I don’t mind him beardless, though. 🙂