Child-Proof Rosary: GIVE-AWAY!

I have a new hobby.  Very new.  As in, I began it last night, have already finished 2 projects, and now I’m here to tell you about it! And make you one, if you want!

  • Are you Catholic, or otherwise a totally hip and cool fan of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

  • Do you pray the rosary? Or do you wish you had a really nice rosary and some help with learning how to pray it?

  • Do you have children under the age of 12, and/or mammalian animals of any age?

If you answered, “YES!” to the above questions, then I’ve got a giveaway for you!

Child-Proof Rosaries!

Rosaries don’t last long in our house.  Babies break them. Toddlers use them as lassos (and other weapons) and lose them.   They go through the washing machine and lose their color/a bead/the crucifix.  The methods of destruction are endless, it would seem. As my beloved friend Tania says, “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

A couple weeks ago, I got it in my head to have the kids make rosaries with me.  We made beaded ones that are nice, but I cringe at the choking hazards that they pose.

TOTAL choking hazards!  These are not the give-away, I promise!

So I kept looking until I found this great little place: Divine Twine Rosary Twine.  Yesterday I received my order, and after the kids went to bed, I hunkered down and made my hubby a rosary.  (That’s right, ladies.  It’s pretty darn attractive when a man admits he loves his Mother.)

I am so pleased with these rosaries!  They are drool-proof, break-proof, choke-proof, washing machine-proof, and they come in bright colors, so hopefully we won’t lose them easily.

Do you want one?  Because I want to make you one!  One lucky entrant will get: the following prize:

  • A blessed handmade all-twine rosary (Choose from the colors above. Alternatively, you can wait until I get a new order of smaller twine if you would like a child- or pocket-size rosary)
  • A pamphlet on praying the rosary
  • A card and a package from me!  Mailed across the ocean to you!

To enter the giveaway, follow these steps:

  1. “Like” my blog page on Facebook.  (Shameless!) If you already do, (THANK YOU) leave me a message on my wall so I know you’re legit.
  2. Leave a comment in the comments section (More shamelessness!) telling me a funny story about what happens to rosaries in YOUR house.
  3. Click on the Rafflecopter giveaway below.

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*Disclaimer: I’m sure that there is some child, somewhere, who could break this rosary, or choke on its parts. Always use good judgement when allowing children to play with them.

Disclaimer #2: I am brand new at this.  These are not perfect. although I’m pretty surprised at how well I’m doing so far.  Just know any imperfections are still made with love.

Disclaimer #3: The total cost of the materials for this rosary was $1.50 + shipping.  I promise you can’t tell, though.  The twine is very very nice, even if the cross isn’t the highest quality.  Plus, if you think about it, really every rosary is worth it’s weight in gold, so actually, these rosaries are priceless!  Or whatever the equivalent price for .025 oz of gold is.

If you want to make one yourself, Divine Twine Rosary Twine will mail you a free crucifix, length of twine, and instructions if you just send them a SASE with 5 stamps. 


  1. My parents sent us cute boy/girl rosaries for the twins’ first birthday present. They were really nice but not at all practical. I put them in my church bag to ask our priest to bless them. Before mass, I dropped the kids and bags off in the “kids room” and popped off to the loo before mass. When I came back, Grandma was chatting with her friends and my daughter had her rosary around her brother’s neck and was pulling… HARD! I was horrified that (a)my son looked like he was going to die and (b) that my daughter would use such a holy object to kill her sibling! lol The rosary survived but has since been put away for safe-keeping until they are older!

    • Hahahaha! It always mortified me when my 2 y.o. Gabe uses the rosary as a weapon. It’s only supposed to be a weapon against Satan, child! Not your siblings!! Thanks for sharing, Cynthia!

  2. Indestructible rosaries are the only ones that stand a chance around here.

  3. in our house, the rosaries with the strings and beads have gotten very stretched out until it was about twice as big! we donated most of the “dangerous” ones to our old parish in San Diego.

  4. Hello,

    As I googled “child-proof” rosaries, I came across your website. I have 5 kiddos, 5 months – 9 years old. I have lost count of how many rosaries have made it to the “rosary graveyard.” We’ve tried, wood, plastic, rubber, metal–every kind, except twine. I’m intrigued!!! Do you sell these rosaries??? I would loooove to make a purchase from you if you are willing to make some. May God Bless you and your family!!

    • Hi Somer!

      I don’t sell them usually, but I’m happy to make an exception for you. I’ll email you directly so we can chat about them. 🙂

      • Wow! Thank you!!! I realize how precious “time” is to us mothers. Thank you for your willingness!

        God Bless!

  5. Hello,

    I find myself in need of a break proof rosary! It would be nice to have a backup as well. Are you able to make it in black, and one in purple? If you are, please e-mail me the details of what you need as well as my cost. I love the idea of this.

    Very inspiring! : )
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