Aliya’s First Holy Communion

No, Micaela, you did not just begin and subsequently abandon 3 (three!) different blog posts.

Whatever.  This is SO much more important because: JESUS!


Aliya received her First Holy Communion on Mothers Day weekend.  (Along with Kevin and Zeke’s birthdays, plus a tea party.  Whew!)



The dress: has a story, of course.  It was the flower girls dress that one of my sisters wore at our wedding, nearly 13 years ago.  My mom made it (along with my wedding dress, and Gianna’s FHC dress from last year) so, doubly-triply-quadruply special.  There were a few minor setbacks.  A) We lost the shrug that accompanied the dress years ago.  No problem.  My mama just whipped up that capelet in a couple hours like it was no big deal.  B) The dress is off-white and apparently that is rare for a FHC dress, so we had trouble finding a veil that wasn’t bright white.  In the end Aliya picked out a comb and I made a simple veil.


Sisters. <3



Um, do you remember this (below) from LAST year?

Sisters on first communion



With their auntie.



This photo ^^.  It kills me.  If you knew how this girl has quietly longed to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.  For years, I think.  Patiently, always, but with more reverence than any other kid I know.  This photo was taken right before Mass.  I can see the excitement burning in her eyes.  Can you?


Thank you, Father!



Happy First Communion, Ali!  We love you so!  Oh, and THANK YOU JESUS for the gift that the Eucharist is to me as a mother.


  1. Fantastic post!!! Lve the pics Micaela.And I remember the shot from last year!!

    Congratulations again!
    chris recently posted…Wordless Wednesday ~ Just More Reptilian CutenessMy Profile

  2. First Communion always has been my favorite of the sacraments to attend. i mean sure weddings get all the big press but seeing the kids all lined up to receive Jesus is a different joy altogether. Congratulations to Aliya!!
    Madeline recently posted…Spring: Hot and Cold.My Profile

  3. I love this post! I love your kids! I love your family! Just beautiful.

  4. That picture! Oh my gosh, I love it. And are those first pictures the interior of your church? I MUST SEE MORE.
    Cari recently posted…Quilt of Valor PresentationMy Profile

  5. Oh my goodness these are just beautiful! And I love how she was so excited to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. That’s amazing!

  6. Liana’s communion dress was the flowergirl dress my baby sister wore to my wedding! Ah, big families 🙂
    Annery recently posted…Hidden MotheringMy Profile