Advent of Waiting…

I’ve already had my Advent, friends.  I’ve been waiting in a dark, quiet, lonely place for this baby to arrive.  I’ve been quiet here on the blog because it feels like there isn’t much to say other than “she’s still not here,” and I’ve been quiet in real life because it seems like the only words that escape my lips are childish, churlish complaints.

Last week, when I contemplated (and shuddered at) the possibility of still being pregnant at the arrival of my favorite season, I remembered this post I wrote for Catholic Exchange, just over one year ago.  I distinctly remember that one of my dear friends was pregnant at the time, and I was in awe of her. I am also just remembering as I type this that I prayed to be pregnant this Advent, so I could experience the words that burst forth from my heart.  When I originally calculated my due date I was the tiniest bit disappointed that we had missed the mark.

Be careful what you pray for, right?

Anyway, in the absence of any new and original thoughts, here is a link to and an excerpt from what I wrote last year.

The Advent of a Mother’s Heart

An excerpt:

Advent is not unlike the heart of a mother.  A pregnant mother may tremble in the darkness, knowing her time has come.  And yet, and yet, there is a pinprick of light, of hope.  The time she awaits is at hand while on the other side of it, though she cannot fathom the depths nor the distance between here and there, the darkness will be like a distant memory.  What was it like… before?

{Read the rest at Catholic Exchange.}

That’s where I am friends.  On the first day of my favorite season of the year, I am in the darkness, unable to fathom the emotional distance between here and the birth of our baby girl.  Keep me in prayer and know that your intentions are getting a whole lot of mine.



  1. Thinking about and praying for you, dear lady. It can feel so dark and lonely in this place you are right now but the light is coming and so so soon.
    Mary @ Better Than Eden recently posted…You Should Put This on the BlogMy Profile

  2. Praying for you as you wait for your sweet little one!
    Beth (A Mom’s Life) recently posted…Forget the bass – this is all about the tree, bout the tree….My Profile

  3. Thank you for sharing this and linking to your post from last Advent, Michaela. I found it particularly moving as I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with our baby boy. {And congratulations!}
    Elise recently posted…Happy December! Happy Monday!{+ a Cyber Monday deal}My Profile

  4. Checking in a praying for you! Hopefully I have missed a big FB announcement since this post. Sending hugs!
    Kelly M. recently posted…I Already Miss Your Immediate Feedback and InteractionMy Profile