3 Reasons, Vol. 2

You guys.  I was completely overwhelmed by the contributions to last month’s 3 Reasons post.  It was a beautiful outpouring of support for those of us who sometimes feel weakened in face of continuous attacks on Catholicism.  If this is your first time here, feel free to check out the previous posts, or skip to the bottom of this post to get info on how to link up, Facebook, or Tweet your 3 Reasons.

Without further ado:

Blessed Virgin Mary
Our Lady of Czestochowa, the original icon

Oh, but do Catholics catch hell for their devotion to Mary.  Do we deify her?  Do we, misogynistic medievals that we are, only venerate her because of her virginity?  The world can’t decide what we do.  But we know.  Oh, yes, we know: Mary rocks.

The Truth: We venerate Mary because she is Theotokos, the mother of God.  What higher honor could there be for a human?  We adore her because she was a lowly woman who became a living tabernacle for God’s incarnation.  We ask for her intercession because she has an intimate relationship with all three parts of our triune God: she obeyed and trusted God the father, espoused the Holy Spirit, and cared for and reared the Son.  She is not a replacement for God, she is simply a loving example of the way we can be close to Him.  I love this quote:

Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin Mary too much. You can never love her more than Jesus did… ~St. Maximilian Kolbe

For more answers on the Catholic view of Mary, read Catholic Door’s Q & A.

Popes, Popes, Popes!!!

What gifts we’ve been given!

Natural Family Planning

I’m about to talk about sex.  Shocker of all shockers: Catholics are not prudes.  It’s not that we’re just not prudish, but that we’re not supposed to be prudes.  We are called to enjoy the gift of sexuality given by our Creator!  God ordered our sexuality so that we might be led through our wondrous humanity to closer relationship with Him.  The sexual union of two married people is a renewal of our sacramental wedding vows. If that’s not the green light for good sex, I don’t know what is.

If you’re new here, let this be known: I’m a granola-crunchy mama.  I torture my family with holistic recipes and I avoid chemicals and other toxins.  If you can name a crunchy health topic, I’ve probably explored it – if not immersed myself in it – at least temporarily.  Two of my other favorite things: science (like reeeeally good science without bias or judgement or political agenda, but that fills you with a sense of wonder and awe), and – surprise! – the Catholic Church.

Enter NFP.  It’s a 100% hippie-approved, 100% scientifically valid, 100% Church-promoted tool for planning to have – or planning to delay the having of – children.  It allows me to be in touch with my body in unique ways.  Thanks to NFP, I am continuously in awe of my body.  (How amazingly it was designed!)  Most importantly, it allows for me and my husband to remain sexually close to one another without sacrificing a treasured gift: the gift of fertility.

I’m so glad that my crunchiness supports the Church’s view on sexuality.  Or is it the other way around?

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  1. Love these! Am mentally compiling mine for a rare Saturday post.
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  2. These are all such good reasons. I especially love #3…I’m a granola-crunchy mom that tortures my family as well, so I definitely appreciate the green-ness of NFP.

  3. Love these things! And the writing prompt… I’ll try to jump in soon! Thanks for starting this. 🙂

  4. Nice link-up – way to bring positive feedback on our much-misunderstood Church! I love your reasons 🙂

  5. Great post! And I absolutely love that beautiful quote from Maximillian Kolbe. I am so happy you started this link-up! 🙂

  6. Thank you for leaving this open for a while. I am waaay behing on my bloggering.

  7. Micaela, thank you so much for this meme!!! Love it! It’s so positive and uplifting-really makes me happy!

  8. Best use of Bedroom Intruder ever! I have such a huge idea for this link up, such a huge idea that I can’t actually write it. Time to lower my standards.

    • Rebekah, I’ve been procrastinating for similar reasons! I want to do the Faith justice, and I’m putting too much pressure on myself to write a good post. But I love this link-up, and I’ve got to get over my fears!

  9. Hi Micaela, I had to overcome a severe case of jitters and writer’s block, but I managed to join in on your wonderful meme! I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s contribution.

  10. Thank you for hosting this. My reasons are so close to yours!

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