3 Reasons, Vol. 1

Welcome to the first ever 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism link-up!  I’d love to hear what YOU love about Catholicism, either in a blog post, the comments section below, or on the California to Korea Facebook page.  For more info on the inspiration for this link-up, check out Calling All Catholic Bloggers!

The Crucifix
Giotto di Bandoni
The symbol of the crucifix seems macabre to some, but not so to me.  I’m a visual person, so it helps me remember Christ’s sacrifice, humanity, death, more so than just the symbol of a cross.
St. Thomas Aquinas
from Wikimedia Commons
I love him for many reasons but especially for this:

 “Faith and reason, while distinct but related, are the two primary tools for processing the data of theology. Thomas believed both were necessary — or, rather, that the confluence of both was necessary — for one to obtain true knowledge of God.”- From Catholic.org

The Art and Imagery
I can’t find the title and source of this anywhere.  Help?
God loves us so much that he created an alluring and mysterious world for us!  Made in His image, we have the desire to create beauty too.  I love art of all kinds, but religious art moves me because someone else was moved by God to make something beautiful for Him and for us!
Your turn!  What are your 3 Reasons?
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The link will remain open until the end of the month.  Add your post anytime before then.

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  1. Micaela –
    Sorry I misspelled your name. I had a feeling that I’d do that, then I forgot to check. Ah well…

  2. Thank you for hosting this. Love the idea and will so enjoy reading everyone’s reasons.

  3. You are brilliant, can’t wait to jump on the bandwagon. And that Blessed Mama is brilliant as well, let us know if you find the source.

  4. I love this linkup, Darr. I can’t wait to read more.

  5. Dang. We share a reason. I totally did not copy you. Cross my heart. This is a terrific link up. Made me really grateful for the Faith.

    • There’s bound to be some repetition, although our faith does give us a lot of great things to love. I’m loving what everyone has to say so far.

  6. This is really great; I am SO enjoying reading other’s reasons! I keep saying to myself, “oh, yeah! Me too! I love that, too!”.
    This makes me so proud of our beautiful faith! Thank you!

  7. Enjoying reading all the reasons for this rich rich faith we have.

  8. Great linky idea. I really like what I’ve been reading and it’s challenging me to come up with my own list. Will have to write up my own post ASAP.

  9. Hi ladies! I feel TERRIBLE and should have included that I am on a rustic vacation this week, so it may take me a bit to read and comment on your link-ups. but I am soooooo excited that so many people are participating and I can’t wait to read everything! Run-on sentence! Terrible Internet! See ou all sooooooooon!!! Excuse typos, please!

  10. what a FANTASTIC idea for a link-up!! I was all over it and can’t wait to read everyone else’s. Thanks for thinking of this and for hosting!!

  11. I have to comment, because I’ve wanted to post 3 reasons, but honestly, every time I write them down, I think of more and more and more and have a hard time prioratizing…Are you going to do 3 more reasons and 3 more reasons…..etc….every week? It’s been fun reading everyone’s answers though!

    • Jamie, I’m going to try to host a new link-up on the first Friday of every month! So just start with three and then come back next month for more goodness!

  12. I just happened upon your blog somehow, and have enjoyed reading through a bit. I’m a fellow American in East Asia (Japan), and a fairly recent convert to Catholicism. Love your blog!

    3 reasons (of many) that I love Catholicism:
    1)the Eucharist, which was ultimately one of the two main reasons I HAD to convert 2) having a Pope and Magisterium, taking all the guess-work out of practicing my Faith, and 3) celebrating the liturgical year.

  13. Micaela, I love this idea! Thanks so much! Here’s my list:


  14. I started this post a while ago and just today realized that I needed to finish and link up– but it looks like the linky is closed! Oh well! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s posts on this topic.