3 More Reasons to Love EWorld, plus 4 Other Random Topics

If you missed my original not-to-be-missed Seven Reasons to Love EWorld, check here.  It’s truly outrageous.


Meanwhile, back at EWorld…

There is a random field full of random toys/photo op locations, spaced at random intervals.  Really, this is not strange.  It is genius.  How exhausting are amusement parks?  The rides, the noise, the people?  By midday, someone is having a meltdown, and it’s often the parents.  The solution: go to a field.  Run free, children!  Sit down, parents!  I guarantee you will feel better.


Korean carnival food is a little different from American fare.


My final favorite thing about EWorld:

This was lunch.  (I’ll just let the photos do the chattering here.)

Been meaning to mention these for awhile: reusable metal water cups at almost every restaurant, stored in UV light boxes. SMART.

Bulgogi Rice

Chicken cutlet

Best kids meals,

We rediscovered this gem today:

Yes, I just did that. 

Do you remember Jem and the Holograms? (Just say yes.  You will appear cooler.) Gianna stumbled across it on Netflix yesterday and begged to watch it.  I told her I had to watch it with her because I couldn’t remember much from when I was a kid.  As luck would have it, I found it to be better than it was in 1985, because now, it not only has entertainment value, but also fond memories.  (It’s possible that it’s wildly inappropriate and I just glossed over that because I was having so much fun, but I don’t think so.)  

Check it out if you’re so inclined.  It’s truly, truly, truly outrageous.  

Aaaaand, boom.  I just did that too.


I went to Seomun Market today.  I went by myself (first miracle: thanks, honey!) because I was on a mission: Halloween/All Saints Day costumes need making.  It was another miracle that I found everything I needed.  I was so pleased with finding every odd item on my list (and for a steal, too!) that it wasn’t until I got home with bags of supplies that I broke into a cold sweat thinking about making them.  I have exactly one week from today to make these suckers, as that is when we are trick-or-treating on the military base.  Maybe you could pray for me?

Gianna: St. Rose of Lima

Aliya: St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Gabriel: St George

Ezekiel: A dragon

(Believe me, I have already figured out how DUMB it was of me to choose the St. George/dragon combo.  Gabe with a sword and a reason to fight Zeke?  Oy vey, what have I done?)


Gianna and Aliya are all about writing notes lately.  They write each other using their code (middle) names.  It makes me so happy to see. 

The other night we were discussing manners at the table and the girls decided to make a list ot help them remember.  Gianna, ever the perfectionist, asked me to spell every word.  Ali just took off, scrawling her rules across 3 sheets of paper.

Why does blogger randomly turn some photos?!?!

My personal favorite

If you’re getting the sense that you don’t have QUITE enough Gangnam Style, maybe I can help you out with that.

I’m had a feeling this might be missing from your life. 


My lovely seester Katerina is in Rome.  She is visiting/living with the Oblate Sisters of St. Joseph, spending time discerning her vocation.  Will you pray for her?

Our family is very involved with the Oblates of St. Joseph.  My parents are lay associates with the Oblates, my youngest brother Stephen is in the OSJ seminary, and my next-in-line younger brother Matthew has been an ordained priest with the OSJ since 2009.  If you want to read about his vocation story (it’s a tear-jerker!) click here.  (It’s a little outdated, but still a good read.)

Head on over to Jen’s if you want to know how social an introvert can be, plus more Quick Takes.  


  1. I want priests and religious in my family line. Tell your parents to send me a how-to list. Details. Lots of details.

    Also, I’m extremely happy to see that those smiley face potato thingies transcend cultures.

  2. Micaela, I have been catching up on your blog and I just love it! It particularly reminds me how much I miss you all and love you all! Thank you for the shout out, so many people have been praying for me. It is such a blessing! Can we Skype soon? I would love to hear how you have all been and tell you about my trip! Love you!