Actually Quick Takes, I Pinky Promise!

Last week my Quick Takes were anything but, so this week I’m keeping it easy like Sunday morning. ~1~ Do you know this meme? Look, look, look at mine!  First time ever! I swear to you, that is how it looked!  Intense, right?Ash envy anyone? ~2~ I am aware that number 1 makes me a […]

Leaves and Trees: Theme Thursdays

Joining up again for Theme Thursdays at Clan Donaldson.  Yippee for photos! If you haven’t been over there yet, you should go.  And if you like photos, trees, leaves, or all of the above, be sure to submit a photo.  You can submit via your own blog or on the Clan Donaldson Facebook Page if you […]

Happy Lunar New Year!

I wasn’t going to post today, but then this cutie (below) showed up at Mass and I was all, “AWWWWW, what a co-inky-dink!  I have my camera with my new lens to take a picture of her!”   Yes, I waited until Mass was over. Happy Lunar New Year to you all!  I totally thought […]

Awards, Excercise, Kids… you name it, I’ve got it.

I feel like I’ve been blogging a lot lately.  My capacity for creativity at this wicked hour (12:11 AM in Korea) is seriously diminished.  Apologies and condolences.  I hope I don’t waste too much of your time. ~1~ Tonight at dinner Gabriel (3 years old) shared one of his monologues, complete with charades.  It’s always […]

Sun flare/Haze: Theme Thursdays

Theme Thursdays Cari is hosting Theme Thursdays, beginning today.  If you are an amateur photographer, you should join in, no blog necessary!  Click over to her place to learn the details.Today I was lucky enough to get sun flare in the morning and haze in the evening.  Fun! I think technically I was supposed to […]

Homeschool Resources for Lent, part 1

Can you believe it’s almost Lent?  Two weeks from today is Ash Wednesday?!  I mean, I just cleaned up Christmas a couple of weeks ago!  Heck, I just found Nativity Baby Jesus #1 yesterday (in a purse, in the playroom) and Nativity Baby Jesus #2 is still MIA. Nevertheless, the liturgical calendar marches on.  Being […]

Herbal Medicine and a Korean Statue

Mondays are not my, er, best days.  (You too?!! Twins!) As Kevin says, “We’re mourning the weekend.”  This weekend, being my birthday weekend, was particularly difficult to leave behind. Saturday Kevin gave me a few hours to myself.  I grasped them with all the strength of a drowning man to a life preserver. Not that […]

Gyeongju: Relics from the Silla Dynasty

You know how sometimes you get a really good idea?  To go on a day trip, say?  To a really interesting and renowned place where your children will learn all kinds of fascinating history, and you will get to take beautiful photos?  And then it all works out perfectly and you can’t believe how everything […]

Korean Teas for Colds and Flu

It’s cold season, people! Most of us over here are healthy (knock, knock, knock), although Kevin has been struggling with tonsillitis for a week now.  Poor guy, it’s just not going away. Last year was a different story.  We were sick ALL winter.  For a family that didn’t go to the doctor much in the States, […]

Happy New Year from the Darrs!

Do you have New Years traditions? When I was a kid, my family often went to a friend’s house for a New Years party. The kids would play upstairs and watch movies (under the watchful eye of a babysitter/older sibling) while the adults would play Trivial Pursuit and carouse downstairs. Since having our oldest 7 […]