Visitors Welcome

Aren’t visitors amazing?  They bring fun and excitement and give you an reason to clean your house well.  Now imagine you live 6,000 miles over an ocean, far far away from the vast majority of your family.  Imagine what a visit like that would feel like. We already have this angel with us: And today the […]

Answered Prayers: God is in the Unexpected

The Quick Takes that Were Not Even Close to Being Quick. According to my Facebook feed and blog reader, this week has been r-o-u-g-h for a lot of people, including me. There were moments this week, especially Wednesday, when I wondered if I could take any more emotional upheaval.  Lest you think Kevin isn’t doing […]

7 Random Things that Make Me Happy

~1~ Gianna made her first project with her sewing machine! ~2~ I purchased Photoshop Elements (along with some other cool camera accessories) with an Amazon gift card I received for Christmas.  (Thanks, Nessa!) I’ve spent the last 3 days immersed in tutorials.  Today I turned this photo: into this photo! Can you tell a difference? […]

Elderly Korean Woman in my Doorway in a Big City

Some people are scared of Korean halmeonis (grandmothers).  Some people consider them frightening in an ‘I may only be as tall as your waist but make no mistake: I am the boss here‘ kind of way. I am one of those people. Don’t get me wrong.  Korean people are very friendly and social graces are […]

Happy Birthday, Aliya!

Dear Aliya, How is it that 5 years have passed since your birth? That day was one of the most empowering days of my life, and it feels like yesterday. Not only did I finally get the birth I had dreamed of, but I got something even better. You. On the beach at Busan My […]

Three Reasons

I couldn’t decide about the title of this post. It was either: Three Reasons Joseph’s Visit Rocked and his Departure Stunk or Three Reasons I am Totally Unmotivated to Write This Post After all was said and done, they both would have worked, but they’re both too darn long for my taste. Here goes nothin’. […]

Checklist: Eating our way through Daegu

Last week, before my brother Joseph arrived, Kevin and I met up with my other brother Luke and his wife Vanessa to plan some fun things to do on his vist. We planned the usual: Seomun Market, Woobang Tower Land, museums, shopping, a trip to Busan, etc. Somehow, our list included eating every evening meal […]

Joseph is here!

My brother Joseph arrived yesterday at about 4 PM. We are SO excited he’s here. For the next 10 days he will enjoy: Korean food Korean culture Family time with us and our brother’s family that lives across the street Did I mention the Korean food? In exchange, for the next 10 days he will […]

Saying Goodbye

You know how sometimes you miss someone so much, you can’t wait for them to arrive? But after seeing them and spending a long vacation together, you are ready for a break from each other? This was not one of those times. Mimi and Papa left today, after two weeks of hugs, kisses, and magical […]

Breaking News

This week Kim Jong-Il, the leader of North Korea, died.  He will be succeeded by his son, Kim Jong-Un.  You would think that this is big news. You may even think all of us in South Korea are under siege or at least on high alert, thanks to CNN, BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, KCET, ESPN, TBS, TNT, […]