Calling all Catholic Women Bloggers!

Something astounding happened on Facebook the other day.  (Inconceivable!)  It began with a fellow blogger asking a group about which conferences, if any, we would be attending this year.  In the comment thread all sorts of women from all over the country began offering to host regional blogger conferences.  As the comment thread topped 90 (not a […]

Baby is here!

After moaning and complaining for weeks about how difficult it is to wait for our baby girl to arrive, she finally decided to get a move on. Rosalie Michele was born on Monday. She has quite a birth story, which you can preview by clicking here. I’ll have the full version for you ASAP. I’m […]

7 Quick Takes, the pregnant and grumpy edition

I’m leaving for our Friday park day in 30 minutes. Think I can manage some truly quick takes? Yeah. Me neither. But I’ll give it a try anyway. 1. I’m due on Monday. I love saying that. I’ve looked “so pregnant” for so long that people have been giving me the “any day now” comment […]

Five Favorites: Crunchy, on a budget.

Diving right in to my favorite things.  {Cue the Sound of Music soundtrack.} {Or maybe this 70’s paraphrase: Won’t you take me down… to Crunchytown?  Won’t you take me down… to Cruuuuuuuunchytown?} No?  Okay, sorry. 1. Frontier Buyers Club Okay all of you budget-minded crunchy people.  It’s time to stop shopping at Whole Foods and […]

Help Save Rose

A few weeks ago, when I was battling the Great Summer Illness of 2014, I didn’t feel up to attending Mass one Sunday morning with the family.  After a nice long day of resting though, I decided to go to Sunday evening Mass. I sat in the back, didn’t shake at the sign of peace, and […]

Answer Me This and a Weekend Photo Re-Cap

1. What’s something you intended to do today, but didn’t? Um, everything? The only thing I really DID do was make a 7 hour road trip without killing anyone, or even yelling (very loudly). I didn’t even blog. Wait. What? No, actually, it’s 12:01 a.m. So when I wrote that first paragraph, technically I hadn’t […]

First Holy Communion

There is so much I want to say about Gianna’s First Holy Communion yesterday. The Mass itself was a time of pure beauty and high, high emotion.  If you know me, you know that I cry at the drop of a hat.  But this was more.  So much more.  To see Gianna encounter the true presence […]

A Little Book about Confession for Children: Review and Giveaway

I’ve already spilled the beans about how I might not be quite unbiased about A Little Book about Confession for Children, seeing as how I hang out with the author once a week and sometimes more. Case in point:  Kendra’s kids and my kids with some other adorable kids and some nuns. Now that we’ve got that little […]

Heaven Help Me: 7 Posts in 7 Days

Jen @ Conversion Diary is hosting 7 Posts in 7 Days again.  Because I am masochistic stupid a glutton for punishment dedicated and have already forgotten how miserable I was challenging it was last time, I signed right up. BUT!  I’m making a few additional rules for myself. 1: Limit the link-ups.  I am such a […]

Fire Weather and Sherlock Delays

~1~ Yes, I Live in California and the Rest of the Country Hates Us. I haven’t been talking much about the weather here because, well, it seems a bit insensitive to my friends who’re freezing their buns off in Korea, or basically anywhere east of Arizona.  But people, this is getting ridikulus. ~2~ What’s next? […]