Philippines: Transportation and Accomodations

I have SO many photos from the last week that there is no way I can share them all.  The last week, however, was really special, so prepare yourself for a few photo-heavy posts this week.  And since I began this blog mostly as a way to journal our experiences here, and most of my […]

Philippines, Part 1 out of 1,000

Y’all. We are back in Korea. Parts of me are very glad (especially the parts that appreciate toilet paper and potable tap water) but I left some of my soul back there. Don’t think I’m the same woman as when I left a week ago. Rest assured that many a Philippines Photo Dump are headed […]

Gyeongju: Relics from the Silla Dynasty

You know how sometimes you get a really good idea?  To go on a day trip, say?  To a really interesting and renowned place where your children will learn all kinds of fascinating history, and you will get to take beautiful photos?  And then it all works out perfectly and you can’t believe how everything […]

Best Staycation Game Ever

Last week, I was supposed to be here: Okinawa, Japan While doing this: Not Chinese beer, but you get the idea. Didn’t happen.  Instead, I was here: In Daegu, but not under a bridge, as this picture might imply While doing this: That’s right.  Climbing on a parked front loader was a planned outing this weekend. […]

Twisted Up Inside

If you are looking for something funny, or even something that has been spell-checked, click away now.  This is a hurried post, written in the last moments before we head to the airport to go back to South Korea. ********************************************************* Sometimes I question my sanity.  (Hey, now.  Be nice.  I’m allowed to question it, you […]

Uppers and Downers: Parenting Through Jet Lag

Why, hello there! It sure has been awhile, hasn’t it? The last time we chatted, I was preparing for a big trip. I was excited and anxious. I was in Korea.  Now I am on my big vacation. I am relaxed and happy. I am in California. What a difference a couple weeks make, right? […]

Three Reasons

I couldn’t decide about the title of this post. It was either: Three Reasons Joseph’s Visit Rocked and his Departure Stunk or Three Reasons I am Totally Unmotivated to Write This Post After all was said and done, they both would have worked, but they’re both too darn long for my taste. Here goes nothin’. […]

Finally, Snow We Can Use!

Last weekend we made a 3 hour car trip to Hyundai Sung Woo Resort.  Don’t ask me where it is.  I couldn’t find it on a map even if you paid me lots and lots of money.  Unless, of course, your map had a GPS locator like the one we used back in October to […]

Ten Things I Didn’t Know on my Last Birthday

Today is my birthday.  I am shameless about it.  Always have been, and I hope to always be.  I L-O-V-E my birthday. A little bit of that is because I am an attention addict and my birthday really feeds that, especially since FaceBook nets me tons of birthday love.  Hey, at least I’m honest about […]

Snow, For Wimps

(This post has taken me forever to write, due to illnesses, computer problems, and downright laziness.  So it’s a bit dated.  Maybe a bit discombobulated, too. Which, of course, most of you may not have noticed if I hadn’t just told you.  DANG it…) We are from Southern California.  The warm, beachy part.  Sure, I did my stint in […]