Spring Clean Along, Day 2: Bedroom

Spring Clean Along, Day 2: Bedroom Clean out your closet, ~40 minutes I’m the worst at clothes.  My stuff mostly ends up in piles.  It doesn’t help that we’re sort of between seasons and I’m sort of between sizes right now.  But because I love you and you totally motivated me yesterday, I put a […]

Spring Clean Along, Day 1: Kitchen

Gotta keep these short and sweet.  Less talk-y, more clean-y, as we might say around here. Spring Clean Along, Day 1: Kitchen Clean oven, ~15 minutes I usually take the easy, “self-clean” route on my oven, but lately it’s been smoking like crazy whenever I try it, so today I had to employ actual elbow […]

Last Minute Lucy Hosts Holy Week Spring Clean Along

Every year, I try to commit to the 40 Bags in 40 Days campaign.  I have grandiose dreams of becoming the De-cluttering Maven.  And then life happens, and my distractedness happens, and Lent comes and goes with nary a bag in sight. The best laid plans, right? I’m learning about myself, though.  What makes me […]

Philippines: Food and Family

Our prayers go out to all Bostonians, their families and friends.  No words can express the sorrow, anger, and confusion appropriate to such an event.  Know that we are all praying for you. I posted this quote on Twitter yesterday before the event, but it seems even more appropriate now so I tweeted it again […]

Philippines: Transportation and Accomodations

I have SO many photos from the last week that there is no way I can share them all.  The last week, however, was really special, so prepare yourself for a few photo-heavy posts this week.  And since I began this blog mostly as a way to journal our experiences here, and most of my […]

Easter photos

Last week I cheated and took the kids Easter photos early.  In case you missed them, here’s a sample: It’s a good thing too, because Easter Sunday brought fevers and very cranky attitudes in 2 of the 4 angels above. Thanks to my visiting sister, we managed to take this photo after Mass: even though this […]

An Unexpected Victor

From a crown of thorns… to a wreath of glory… Jesus Christ is risen today. Alleluia! Alleluia!

Celebrations: Theme Thursday

I know, I know, I KNOW it’s not Easter yet and I’m probably committing a mortal sin by dressing my kids in their fancy clothes, but just let’s let it go, ok?  It’s been a rough week. I’ll be honest  (there’s a lot of that going on around this ol’ blog today): I’m off-topic this […]

Mud: Theme Thursday

One of the most difficult things about where we live is the lack of accessible nature.  Every square foot of real estate is appropriated here in the big bad city of Daegu, and while there are places to hike outside town, or walk along the river, Koreans have strong opinions about actually playing in the […]

Green: Theme Thursday

I had very specific requirements for this week’s challenge: 1) The photo should make me feel happy, 2) The photo should make me feel warmer, (as-in-spring-is-almost-here-can’t-you-feel-the-green-growing?) 3) The photo should be as impressive as a screensaver.  (Do you know the type of photo I mean?  Vibrant, hypnotic… unattainable) Piece of cake, right? ::Sigh:::  Someday I will learn to lower […]