A blog tour, plus tips and tricks for designing your own buttons and sidebars

–1– Fresh Face! Superstar! Hello friends!  Have you clicked over to the blog lately?  It has a fresh face (superstar!), thanks to my little sister Anne Marie. This is not Anne Marie.  Did I just date myself with this SNL reference?  Probably. Let’s take a tour, shall we? –2– Header The new header art was […]

Five Postpartum Favorites

Expecting a baby? Know someone who is?  These have been my favorite things these last few weeks. 1. Meals If you want to help a new mom, or an experienced mom, or anyone in any state of transition, BRING THEM FOOD.  Seriously, friends.  It is such an amazing gift to not have to cook, and […]

Quick Takes about Netflix, my brother and the pope, and Christmas

1. Trying to beat the clock, yet again. Eek.  7 Quick Takes on a Sunday?  Will I make it in time?  Who knows?  (Oh, wait, I just checked.  Kelly is giving us 2 whole extra days to add links! Yay for Kelly as our new SQT hostess!) (Love you, Jen.) I haven’t blogged in over […]

7 Quick Takes, the pregnant and grumpy edition

I’m leaving for our Friday park day in 30 minutes. Think I can manage some truly quick takes? Yeah. Me neither. But I’ll give it a try anyway. 1. I’m due on Monday. I love saying that. I’ve looked “so pregnant” for so long that people have been giving me the “any day now” comment […]

Halloween Quick Takes, plus link-ups

1. Weather. How lame is it that I’m starting my quick takes with one about the weather?  Teeerrrrrrrible, I know.  But do you know what?  It is RAINING outside.  Real, legit rain that actually sounds like it may be flooding our back porch and I could not be happier.  Honestly, I could not.  If you […]

Palate Cleanser: Liebster Award, Book Club, Why I Blog

Once upon a Monday evening I wrote a controversial blog post and somehow got over 10 times my usual number of readers.  Ten times, people.  I was scared as hell to hit publish, but everyone, even those who disagreed with me, have been very charitable.  So thank you all for that.  I love that charity […]

Over-scheduled, plus photos of our Revolutionary War field trip

1. Overscheduling This week I ridiculously overscheduled our family.  We hopped from one event to the next all week, leaving school time rushed and the house a disaster.  Many of our activities were enjoyable and fun and I thought I was going to make it through. Until  5:45 pm today when Kevin walked in and asked if […]

Books, Bibs, Birth, Budgeting: Quick takes all o’er the place.

1. Books Last week, Jessica recommended A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story in her WWRW post.  Holy guacamole.  My library had it, I read it in a couple of hours.  It was in the “Middle School Fiction” section of the library, so not exactly the most challenging of books, but thoroughly enjoyable […]

Ennui, etc.

I sat down a few minutes ago and began a post about birth.  Not any one particular birth (because I’ve already written those out) but about how we treat birth here in the U.S. It’s something I feel very strongly about, but 4.2 minutes into writing it, I just sort of fizzled out.  I will […]

Answer Me This: books, cheese, and sunglasses

1. What is your favorite picture book? How in the world am I supposed to answer this?  My whole life seems to revolve around picture books, and so many of them are good.  A few standouts: Blueberries for Sal , Love You Forever (creep factor aside, I’ve loved this book since I was a kid), […]