Speaking of… 7 Quick Announcements

…and not a single positive pregnancy test among them. Hey.  I’m a Catholic mama.  Gotta get that out of the way nice and early. -1- Ruth Anne won the book giveaway last week!  Thanks to all who took the time to share about Connie’s new book, A Spiritual Plan for Your Choleric Child.  (Psst.  It’s inexpensive […]

CWBN // CA: The redux plus all the feels

I wanted to post this on Saturday evening.  My arms ached from holding a fussy baby, my feet were on fire from standing all day, and I was about to pass out from exhaustion, but my heart was full to bursting with joy.  I was dying to type it out.  Alas, there were casseroles to […]

Thoughts and Photos

Maybe you thought I was joking when I said Kevin’s blog post was going to put me out of business?  I actually was, but it turns out I’ve also just been sitting with that blog post for all of the Easter season.  I know we’re out of the darkness of Lent and into the light […]

Musings on parenting: 7 Quick Thoughts

So, the other day I wrote a slightly controversial post about the baby sleeping routine in our house, and it got more reads than any post I’ve written in months.  I imagine that’s because this whole baby sleep thing can be very polarizing.  It got me thinking, though, that I have a lot of parenting posts that […]

A Daybook, or “What I’ve been doing instead of blogging”

Once upon a time, I used to post 3 times a week. I had so many thoughts and words that they just flowed out of me and I could hardly keep up with it.  But now… {crickets} I’m getting better at accepting the ebb and flow of life (which naturally leads to the ebb and […]

A conference, a new website, and an apology… of sorts

It’s 11:08 PM and I swear to you, Ezekiel just fell asleep.  Have I mentioned how much I hate Daylight Savings?  It seriously makes me want to punch someone.  Which I will not do, but if there was a person responsible for this misery, I would consider unleashing some of my wrath (verbal, of course) […]

Five Favorites: Podcasts Galore

Martina of Catholic Sistas was kind enough to feature me on her blog series Fabulously Featured today.  If you just clicked over from there, welcome!  I hope you stay around for awhile.  If you want to know more, you can click the links on the sidebar.  I write about a little of this and a […]

Book club news, Conference news, and advice needed

I began writing this Friday.  It’s Monday.  Almost Tuesday, actually.  I had a birthday to celebrate over the weekend and boy was it awesome.  Will you forgive the haphazard nature of this post and just leave me a nice comment below? You’re the best. 1. Book club news! Remember the Stella Maris Book Club?  That […]

So, I’m just pretty face, eh? (Sheenazing Awards)

Welp, it’s that time of year again.  The Sheenazing Nominations are in and yours truly was nominated for (drum roll, please…)   I know, I know.  The recent blog overhaul did wonders for my old tired format. However, I can’t help feeling a little like the smart high school cheerleader.   I have more to […]

Calling all Catholic Women Bloggers!

Something astounding happened on Facebook the other day.  (Inconceivable!)  It began with a fellow blogger asking a group about which conferences, if any, we would be attending this year.  In the comment thread all sorts of women from all over the country began offering to host regional blogger conferences.  As the comment thread topped 90 (not a […]