Same photo, different angles: Theme Thursday

Welcome to the second official week of Theme Thursday here! I’m so happy you’re visiting. Chime in in the combox, tag me on Instagram, or link your blog post up below. Continuing with our theme of light for this month, I thought “same photo, different angle” would be a helpful practice to take up. Lighting makes […]

Sun Flare: Theme Thursday

Did anyone else have trouble catching sun flare this week?  In southern California it was ridiculously, disgustingly hot. But not just hot, nononono. It was also muggy and overcast. Seriously, California.  I am thiiiiiis close to breaking up with you. Anyway, muggy meant cloudy which meant difficult to catch sun flare. But in the 11th […]

Big News! Theme Thursday is coming back!

Friends, I am so excited to share this news with you. Theme Thursday is coming back to the internets! Cari of Clan Donaldson and Ghost Fawn Homestead was my very first blog friend (and now a very real friend indeed) and my inspiration on many levels. Cari has graciously allowed me to take over Theme Thursday, since she’s busy doing actual […]

Charleston: anniversary and Edel photo redux.

    Whew.  What an amazing vacation we had last week. Rather than the usual wordswordswordywordwords you usually get from me, today it’s mostly photos with some captions. I do have to apologize, though.  I only used my good camera for the plantation photos.  The rest are iPhone/Instagram.  The quality is much lower than I prefer.  Boo.   […]

12ish in 2014: Photos of our year

  If you’re viewing this in your email or a feed reader, you might want to click on over to the blog.  I’ve done some redesigning and it looks purrrrty. I don’t quite have the energy for a re-cap of the year, but I can do photo re-caps.  Yes, that I can do.  Let’s get […]

Thankful: Theme Thursday

I am thankful for… For my faith, my friends (including you!), my family, and all the blessings in my life.   From today’s reading:   Now go visit Cari for more reasons to be Thankful this Thanksgiving Thursday!  

Good Job: Theme Thursday

I’ve been on nearly a week’s blogging hiatus.  It’s been… nice.  Not that I don’t love this blog, but sometimes it’s good to detach and realize that not every thought or experience needs to be cataloged here. How have I been spending my evenings, you ask? It’s a valid question, since most of the time […]

Vacation: Theme Thursday

During a recent conversation, the discussion arose: Are you theme park vacationers, or mountain vacationers?  For us, the answer is both.  Or neither.  What we are, as a family, is “visiting vacationers.”  I’d venture to guess that 90% of our vacations revolve around visiting family or friends in various locations.  For the remaining 10%, we […]

Bright: Theme Thursday

Hopping in lickety-split for some belated Theme Thursday action. We’ve been camping for the last 2 days, and now we’re at a friend’s cabin. Family is taking up all my precious time, so excuse the brevity. These photos were taken at my parents’ homestead over Easter weekend. I went for a walk with one of […]

Delirious on the 4th of July: {Quick Takes}

1. This was the first week of Kevin’s summer vacation.  True to Murphy’s Law, I was deathly ill and Kevin had to call in for jury duty every day. Let freedom ring, right? In all fairness, he didn’t have to actually report, but those few minutes of calling every night were highly stressful.  Just go with […]