Animals, or Lack Thereof: Theme Thursday

There are no animals in Korea.  (Uh, wait.  That seems hyperbolic, even for me.) There are no wild animals in Korea. (Still not right.) There are very few wild animals in Korea and next to none in Daegu.  (There, I believe that’s an accurate statement.)  I could have taken picture of poodles in strollers, but er, […]

Sky: Theme Thursday

[Cue the part where I apologize for yet again foisting photos of our Philippines vacation upon you.  Next comes the part where you roll your eyes and yawn, but then suddenly remember that we are in the midst of A Big Life Change so you forgive me and scroll down anyway.} I love the sky. […]

Growing Boys: Theme Thursday

Taking a little break from my “All Philippines, All the Time” blogging to bring you (drum roll, please…) MORE photos!  (If you are a sucker for family photos in foreign locations, you can click to check out Philippines 1 and Philippines 2. Boys: Foolishly, when I had only daughters, I really believed boy/girlishness must surely […]

Philippines: Food and Family

Our prayers go out to all Bostonians, their families and friends.  No words can express the sorrow, anger, and confusion appropriate to such an event.  Know that we are all praying for you. I posted this quote on Twitter yesterday before the event, but it seems even more appropriate now so I tweeted it again […]

Philippines: Transportation and Accomodations

I have SO many photos from the last week that there is no way I can share them all.  The last week, however, was really special, so prepare yourself for a few photo-heavy posts this week.  And since I began this blog mostly as a way to journal our experiences here, and most of my […]

Philippines, Part 1 out of 1,000

Y’all. We are back in Korea. Parts of me are very glad (especially the parts that appreciate toilet paper and potable tap water) but I left some of my soul back there. Don’t think I’m the same woman as when I left a week ago. Rest assured that many a Philippines Photo Dump are headed […]