Happy New Year from the Darrs!

Do you have New Years traditions? When I was a kid, my family often went to a friend’s house for a New Years party. The kids would play upstairs and watch movies (under the watchful eye of a babysitter/older sibling) while the adults would play Trivial Pursuit and carouse downstairs. Since having our oldest 7 […]

Photos from Christmas Week

Not much time for anything other than photos this week.  Fortunately I took a gazillion.  Warning: this post contains entirely too many exclamation points. ~1~ Saturday I bought and assembled a book shelf for the playroom.  Kids always add…adventure… to such home improvement projects, don’t you think? ~2~ Sunday We added the finishing touches to […]

Elderly Korean Woman in my Doorway in a Big City

Some people are scared of Korean halmeonis (grandmothers).  Some people consider them frightening in an ‘I may only be as tall as your waist but make no mistake: I am the boss here‘ kind of way. I am one of those people. Don’t get me wrong.  Korean people are very friendly and social graces are […]

Shabu Shabu

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of going out to dinner again with our Korean friends.  They took us to a restaurant called Shabu Paul’s.  Shabu Shabu is a style of food about which I know next to nothing except my own singular experience.  I fully expect lots of corrections in the comments […]

h3: Heartschooling, Heart Warming, Heartland

h³ ********** Heartschooling Do you find it odd that in the very description of this blog I wrote ” A Catholic homeschooling family…”?  I do.  I mean this blog, whatever it may be about, it is very rarely about homeschooling.  Yes, we homeschool.  Every day, in fact.  But I barely talk about it on here. […]

I don’t like Happiness…

Korean children, most of whom learn English in school, often choose English names for themselves. The girls’ closest Korean friends are (American nick-)named Cindy, Diana, Emma, Betty, and Happiness.  Yes, Happiness. This phenomenon is not really new to Kevin and I. Working where we did in Arcadia, Ca, there were many Asian immigrants who chose […]

Jeong: A Korean Guest Comes to Call

I’ve been sitting on this post for nearly 4 months. What follows was such a unique experience that every time I thought about writing it down, all I came up with was: There are no words. Gotcha. Of course there are words. I love storytelling. It is practically in my genes to tell stories, something […]