Rooms: Theme Thursday

This post is not going to be pretty.  I did no editing, the lighting was atrocious, and I was hurrying.  But if you kinda like me, or are interested in our move, or you are somewhat of a masochist when it comes to finishing what you start, Welcome!  Grab a beer, some peach wine, or a […]

Hello, California! and SUBSCRIBER NEWS!

This is the longest Saturday of my life.  Literally.  It has been Saturday for 40 hours.   After 40 hours of consideration, I’m pretty sure there’s a reason there’s only 24 hours in a day. Leaving Daegu The flights and overall trip were smooth as can silk.  If, of course, silk was a mildly rough […]

Farewell, Daegu!

At the time of this posting, our plane will be taking off (fingers crossed! no delays PLEASE! St. Christopher, pray for us! pleasepleaseplease! ) from Incheon International Airport. Our hearts are full of sorrow at leaving this wonderful city and country.  We love you and will miss you all.  So much gratitude… Catch you on the flip […]

The Item I Forgot to Add to the To-Do List, or: Parenting Fail #17,479

Have you seen this video? Oh my, it makes me laugh so hard.  It’s particularly funny to me because I can identify both with the woman (I have so said “Don’t try to fix it.  Just listen!” to Kevin,) and the man.  I am a fixer and a doer as well. But let me back up […]

Organizing, Packing, and a Whole Lot of Sitting

It doesn’t make a difference how much effort we put into moves, we always always have a few late nights the week before the big day.  This move is no different.  You know you’re in trouble when you drink coffee at 10 p.m. to stay up til 2 and then stumble into the the kitchen for […]

Call Off the House Hunt!

~1~ Not our actual home. We found a house in California!(Thanks to everyone who kept an eye out for us. Thanks especially to my in-laws who did a LOT of legwork to get this place for us.) ~2~ Kevin will be able to bike to work! Not my actual husband ~3~ We will live three […]

Let the Emotional Upheaval Begin

It’s not even Friday, and yet all I can think of is an absurd collection of jumbled thoughts.  Usually I save these sorts of ramblings for, well, for Fridays, but today is today and carpe diem and all that.  Here you go. Our dates have been scheduled:  Our van will be shipped out next week. […]

Seriously Quick.

If you’re visiting via Jen @ Conversion Diary, welcome!  Please consider joining May’s 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism link-up, which will begin next Friday and run throughout the month of May.  You can learn more about it by clicking here, or check out April’s inaugural post by clicking here. But for now, let’s begin the […]

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

The South Korea Darrs have big news.  We’ve been keeping it to ourselves for the last several months, but we couldn’t contain it any more: We are expecting… a transoceanic move! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I am so sorry.  Possibly some of you were expecting a big pregnancy announcement and I just couldn’t not play off of that, no matter […]

The Story of Our Stuff

We arrived here a few weeks ago with 3 large suitcases of clothes, a carry on with some card games, coloring books and small toys, a few carseats (that have mostly gone unused in taxis), a laptop and an iPad.  Getting all this on and off planes whilst herding 4 small children was a feat of Herculean […]