Best Staycation Game Ever

Last week, I was supposed to be here: Okinawa, Japan While doing this: Not Chinese beer, but you get the idea. Didn’t happen.  Instead, I was here: In Daegu, but not under a bridge, as this picture might imply While doing this: That’s right.  Climbing on a parked front loader was a planned outing this weekend. […]

Lost in Translation

Last week, while in my organizing frenzy, I found a bookshelf perfectly suited to my needs.  It was, however, out of stock.  Of course.  Yesterday I was very excited at the prospect of completing the playroom re-organization project. I set out for E-Mart, a sort of Target-on-steroids. I was very disappointed to find out that […]

Uppers and Downers: Parenting Through Jet Lag

Why, hello there! It sure has been awhile, hasn’t it? The last time we chatted, I was preparing for a big trip. I was excited and anxious. I was in Korea.  Now I am on my big vacation. I am relaxed and happy. I am in California. What a difference a couple weeks make, right? […]

Jeong: A Korean Guest Comes to Call

I’ve been sitting on this post for nearly 4 months. What follows was such a unique experience that every time I thought about writing it down, all I came up with was: There are no words. Gotcha. Of course there are words. I love storytelling. It is practically in my genes to tell stories, something […]

Ice Skating, an Airplane, and a Surprise Cooking Class

Most days are like the days before and the days after.  They are predictable in a quiet, comforting way.  I’m mostly okay with that.  I don’t need a whole lot of hullabaloo on a regular basis.  (See, I even use geriatric words like “hullabaloo” in everyday speech.  Booooring.)  Today, a holiday to celebrate the life of the […]

Our First Korean Road Trip (or: How GPS ruined my life)

My dad has told me that I am somewhat prone to hyperbole. That’s not quite true.  I ADORE hyperbole.  I think it is the best thing in the whole wide world.  Regardless, the title is not an exaggeration.  GPS ruined my life yesterday.  A few weeks ago we decided to take a trip to Osan to watch […]

Hotel Life

I think if we were a young childless couple, hotel life would be incredible.  No need to cook or clean, all manner of restaurants at our disposal, gym and sauna upstairs, massages downstairs.  As I said, incredible. With children, it is intolerable.  To put it mildly. Yes, all those perks are still there.  But for […]