Herbal Medicine and a Korean Statue

Mondays are not my, er, best days.  (You too?!! Twins!) As Kevin says, “We’re mourning the weekend.”  This weekend, being my birthday weekend, was particularly difficult to leave behind. Saturday Kevin gave me a few hours to myself.  I grasped them with all the strength of a drowning man to a life preserver. Not that […]

Gyeongju: Relics from the Silla Dynasty

You know how sometimes you get a really good idea?  To go on a day trip, say?  To a really interesting and renowned place where your children will learn all kinds of fascinating history, and you will get to take beautiful photos?  And then it all works out perfectly and you can’t believe how everything […]

Korean Teas for Colds and Flu

It’s cold season, people! Most of us over here are healthy (knock, knock, knock), although Kevin has been struggling with tonsillitis for a week now.  Poor guy, it’s just not going away. Last year was a different story.  We were sick ALL winter.  For a family that didn’t go to the doctor much in the States, […]

Happy New Year from the Darrs!

Do you have New Years traditions? When I was a kid, my family often went to a friend’s house for a New Years party. The kids would play upstairs and watch movies (under the watchful eye of a babysitter/older sibling) while the adults would play Trivial Pursuit and carouse downstairs. Since having our oldest 7 […]

6 Facts About Korean Elections, + 1 Mom of the Year Award

Hello, my precious. Creeped out yet?  Sorry.  Thanks to Kevin reading The Hobbit aloud, Gabe has been calling every last thing his “precious” today, so it’s seeped into my subconscious   If I was really ambitious, I would have asked Gollum to write today’s post.  But I’m not.  So I didn’t. (You’re welcome.) ~1~ The day before yesterday was […]

Elderly Korean Woman in my Doorway in a Big City

Some people are scared of Korean halmeonis (grandmothers).  Some people consider them frightening in an ‘I may only be as tall as your waist but make no mistake: I am the boss here‘ kind of way. I am one of those people. Don’t get me wrong.  Korean people are very friendly and social graces are […]

Shabu Shabu

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of going out to dinner again with our Korean friends.  They took us to a restaurant called Shabu Paul’s.  Shabu Shabu is a style of food about which I know next to nothing except my own singular experience.  I fully expect lots of corrections in the comments […]

Seven Reasons to Love E-World

EWorld (formerly known as Woobang Tower Land) has become a family birthday tradition.  We went there last year for the each of the girls’ birthdays, and we went again this past week for Gianna.  This place has nothing on Disneyland in the sense that it is much smaller and with less to do.  What it […]

Seven Quick Takes: My ADD

My adult ADD is going full force these days.  Hence the reason I’ve not been able to compose the SQT I wanted to write, which was “Seven Sights on the Streets of Daegu”.  So far I have a whopping… one.  One out of seven is… progress, I guess you could say, but not nearly enough.  So […]

Korean Stereotypes in Action

It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t written much about South Korea or Korean culture lately.  Maybe that is a good sign (assimilation?) or maybe it is just laziness.  Either way, as I was lamenting my lack of material, a new experience just dropped into my lap.  Isn’t that just the way […]