You Can’t Fix Joy

It’s been a rough couple of weeks.  The house hasn’t been truly clean in I don’t know how long.  (Oh yes, I do.  It was when the housekeeper came 3 weeks ago.)  The laundry hasn’t been caught up since before that.  And all that would probably be okay if I was having a spectacularly creative […]

Piles of Joy: Theme Thursday

Back for another round of fun photography practice.  Thanks for hosting another Theme Thursday, Cari! This week I felt a little less-than-inspired by the theme of “Piles.”  Perhaps because the first thing that popped to mind were piles of laundry.  Believe you me, those can be found in abundance in my home, but surprisingly enough […]

Reading Lists

I know all you parents out there love books as much as I do.  And no, I’m not just talking to the homeschoolers.  Most parents I know cherish reading with their kids and far prefer it to the more mundane tasks of parenthood.  Would that we could all just -poof!- wish away the laundry and […]

Awards, Excercise, Kids… you name it, I’ve got it.

I feel like I’ve been blogging a lot lately.  My capacity for creativity at this wicked hour (12:11 AM in Korea) is seriously diminished.  Apologies and condolences.  I hope I don’t waste too much of your time. ~1~ Tonight at dinner Gabriel (3 years old) shared one of his monologues, complete with charades.  It’s always […]

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Happy All Saints Day! St. Rose of Lima St. Elizabeth of Hungary St. George… … and his dragon Lil Pumpkin (my niece Gemma) Roman emperor The whole gang My sister-in-law Vanessa, and nieces Gemma and Siena Girls with thier best friend Yu Min (Cindy) Trick-or-treating by street lamp Hand it over! My favorite […]

Happy Mothers Day and Shameless Photo Montage

I am truly blessed to have both an incredible and amazing mother, and an awesome and wonderful mother in law.  Mom and Marie, I thank God for you every day!  Happy Mothers Day! To all my female friends and family: those who are mothers, those who hope to be mothers, and those who find their […]

Is Anybody Home?

May has been eerily quiet around this here blog. Not so around our house.  It’s interesting that chaos in our house has an inverse relationship with the number of blog posts I write.  I guess because I write all my posts after bedtime, so you get the very tired me.  Lately, that very-tired-me has been […]

Musical Family

We just got back from a three-day mini-vacation to Osan Air Force Base.  In spite of my assertions that we would never want to stay in a hotel again, and our previous GPS nightmare, we had a wonderful time. Kevin had work, but the rest of us enjoyed a break from the monotonous. Prior to […]

Mom, Don’t Faint

Disclaimer:  If the title brought you here hoping to see blood and gore, you are going to be very disappointed.  This post is unlikely to make anyone faint, with the possible exception of my mom.  Or maybe other Catholic grandmothers.  And mothers.  And possibly even a few Catholic grandfathers and dads.Disclaimer #2: Remember a few […]

Easter Weekend

  Our Easter weekend has been busy. Fun runEgg dyeingNasty cold/flu-like illnessEgg hunts (plural)PotluckMarathon (in which we did not participate, but which did turn our normally 20-minute commute to Mass into a 45-minute drive)and, of course, A Most Joyful Mass of the Resurrection. Enjoy! Fun Run Egg Dyeing Easter Morning Easter Outfit #1= Hanboks= Fail […]