Socializing the Homeschooled Child… and Mom

I know all the arguments and studies.  I know that children who are homeschooled aren’t less capable of social interaction than traditionally-schooled kids. But so help me, I am an incredibly social creature.  I need people in my life.  Specifically, I crave interactions with friends.  My children do too.  Having lived in Korea for the past […]

Organization and Schedule 2013-2014

I know you’re been waiting with bated breath, hardly able to sleep a wink because you’re just. so. excited about this post.  Rest assured, sweet friends, that I have been working around the clock to get this ready.  Of course, I’ve been kicking myself and cursing myself, too.  Why, why WHYYYYY did I commit to […]

Five Favorites: The Procrastinators Edition

I have no excuses, except all the sorry ones I posted on Monday, about why this isn’t the “Organization” post in my homeschooling series.  I am working on it, I promise.  It’s just that I have these little distractions blessings that don’t allow me to blog all day.  Rude, right?  So for now I’ll give […]

Curriculum, 2013 (with gratuitous photos of the kids)

One of my favorite things about a new school year, as both a student and then a teacher, was getting all the materials, poring over books, and organizing all my supplies.  Nothing has changed.  I’m still waiting on some (lots of?) curriculum, but I started to get a little more excited when I unpacked our […]

Our Educational Philosophy

Why We Homeschool Disclaimer: I was a reluctant homeschooler.  Oh sure, I was homeschooled for a couple years and it’s no big thang in my family of origin.  But when I envisioned being a mom of older kids, I always imagined them being schooled.  I was a teacher myself for 9 years, for crying out […]

Back-to-Homeschool: Gearing Up for a New Year

A Bad Case of the “Mehs”: It’s August.  Kevin went back to work today.  Cue: rampant misbehavior and buckets of tears.  On the upside, the kids seem to be handling it okay. So here we are, gearing up for a new school year, and I’m feeling a bit… blah about the whole thing.  I’m in […]


There’s just something magical about summer vacation, isn’t there?  Bedtimes are delayed, routines are disrupted, bathing is mostly done in giant chlorinated tubs outside, and school is definitely out for summer but… somehow it’s all okay. We may not have lightning bugs in California, but we have other types of summer magic.   Hugs that feel like […]

What We’re Reading Wednesday

What We’re Reading Wednesday Linking up for the first time with Housewifespice. She be one spicey wifey!   I feel like a bit of a fraud writing this.  I’ve been reading the same books since we left Korea over a month ago.  On the other hand, I think this link-up might be just the oomph […]

Camp Ideas to Improve Homeschooling

We just got back from a weekend at St. Vincent de Paul Family Camp.  It was bliss in many ways I didn’t expect, but the most exciting things I experienced connect to homeschooling in a Not-Very-Julyish way.  Let me ‘splain. 1) Be enthusiastic.  My mom has been a youth minister for most of my life. […]

Summer Lovin’, Had Me a Blast

~1~ It’s been a whirlwind 13 days since flying in from South Korea.  Family, friends, swimming, a borrowed house that rivals an expensive vacation home, and AH-MAZE-ing weather.  It’s been increible.  (That’s Spanish for ‘stupendous’.) I don’t know about you, but we’ve been going-going-going, morning, noon, and night.  Swimming, sign language camp, friends and family […]