h3: Heartschooling, Heart Warming, Heartland

h³ ********** Heartschooling Do you find it odd that in the very description of this blog I wrote ” A Catholic homeschooling family…”?  I do.  I mean this blog, whatever it may be about, it is very rarely about homeschooling.  Yes, we homeschool.  Every day, in fact.  But I barely talk about it on here. […]

h3: Heartfelt, Heartwarming, Heartstopping

Lately I have been contemplating whether or not to become a grown-up blogger. It is a difficult decision to make. On the one hand, I do enjoy writing here. I enjoy the connection with friends and family and new-cyber (totally not creepy) friends. I admit I am a sucker for compliments, so this blog may just […]